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Mindfulness for School Counselors

Four women sitting on the floor doing mindfulness yoga

Erin Leach, M.Ed., knows a little something about the stress experienced by educators. She began her career as a first grade teacher. After graduating from Loyola’s graduate program in School Counseling she returned to her school as a counselor and worked for another six years. She was the only school counselor in a population of approximately 600 students.

Social Media: An Asset in the Classroom

From Twitter to Instagram to Snapchat, today’s students are more connected through social media platforms than ever before. Not only that, parents are connected there as well. Yet studies show that teachers have been slow to incorporate social media as an educational technology platform in the classroom.

Faculty Spotlight - Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

We sat down with the new Director of our MAT program to learn more about his work in education, what he's most excited about here at Loyola, and the future of education and where he sees Loyola in that landscape.

Career Paths for a Master's in School Counseling

Group School Counseling

School counselors are agents of change, both at the individual and school level. School counselors provide counseling at the individual level so that students from kindergarten to high school can be empowered to reach their potential. At the school level, school counselors advocate on behalf of the profession and their students. School counselors understand social justice and have knowledge of the policies and politics that impact a school system.

CACREP Accreditation Explained

In today’s competitive job marketplace it pays to distinguish your resume. Whether you are looking to become a certified school counselor or are already certified and want to further your professional development, attending a CACREP-accredited master’s program shows employers you are fully prepared to assume the responsibilities of a school counselor.

Why We Should Care about Net Neutrality

Amy L. McGinn, Ed.D. is a lecturer for the Loyola School of Education’s Educational Technology program. McGinn completed her doctorate in Instructional Technology at Towson University, and her research focuses on professional development for technology integration at the K-12 level, the diffusion of innovations, and technology integration. With the historic vote to repeal Net Neutrality on December 14, 2017, McGinn felt inspired to write this informative piece to help us understand a few important takeaways.

How to Become a School Counselor

School counselors play a vital role in today’s dynamic school systems. Perhaps more than ever, students from pre-kindergarten through high school face any number of stressors in school, at home, and in the community. As a certified Maryland school counselor, you have the chance to help students navigate the complex waters of early childhood and adolescence so they can make the most of their education.