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Online Reading Skills Programs for Students

Boy talking to instructor on laptop

Loyola University Maryland's School of Education announces spring and summer 2020 Live Online Reading Skills Programs to help students in our community build strong skills and develop a deep love of reading. There are classes starting right away to help students keep learning, keep reading, and, importantly, keep connecting with other kids in this challenging time.
These programs are designed and taught by the Institute of Reading Development a nationwide provider of reading skills instruction since 1970, and a leader in live online education for children. The Institute has taught thousands of face-to-face online programs to more than 50,000 students of all ages, with experienced and inspiring teachers who know how to provide effective instruction in this format.
Programs for every grade feature a dynamic online class where students can see, hear, and speak with each other and their teacher in real time. During class, students read and discuss great books and learn age-appropriate reading skills. Between classes, they complete independent reading assignments and interactive online skills lessons, so they continue learning and reading throughout each week.
With these live online reading programs, parents can feel confident that their kids will continue to grow, building skills and immersing themselves in some of the best books written for children at every age. To learn more or enroll, visit Loyola's website or call 1-800-903-2173.