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The Loyola Pedagogy of Care

Paper with a red heart and crayons on a tableIn the shadow of this global pandemic, the faculty of Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education Master’s in Educational Technology program want educators to not lose sight that the well-being of our teachers and learners remains as important as the successful transition to an online learning platform. Shifting to distance learning overnight was a difficult, if not impossible, task. The extraordinary circumstances surrounding this transition continues to make it all the more challenging for teachers.

By providing emotional scaffolds, self-care ideas, and information about web resources that promote community, we are aiming to send the message that care and nurturing are just as important as creating the perfect online learning environment for students.

Here are some self-care tips and resources that have been shared on our social media platforms:

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Loyola’s Master’s in Educational Technology program is designed for educators who want to become educational technology leaders at the school and district level. The curriculum emphasizes a conscientious approach to technology that goes beyond the latest trends.

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