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Loyola's School of Education Hosts a Teach Truth Rally

Picture of Teach Truth Rally Participants

On August 29, 2021, Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education in conjunction with the Baltimore Teach Truth Coalition hosted a rally to protest laws that are being proposed and passed in many states to censor teachers from presenting the truth about racism. This was part of a national effort, with rallies across the country, from the Zinn Education Project ( David Marcovitz, associate dean of The School of Education, was one of the speakers at the rally along with representatives of the East Towson Neighborhood Association, the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project, and several teachers and students from Baltimore County and Baltimore City. While no bills are currently proposed in Maryland to censor teachers from teaching about racism, there are strong pockets of parents, school board members, and state legislators who continue to push back on teachers teaching the truth about racism. The strong support showed that the School of Education and many teachers understand the importance of standing up for all students and teaching the history of racism in this country. 

For more information about the rally, please view the Facebook event ( 

At The School of Education, we focus on Critical Race Theory and anti-racist education in our flagship Master's in Curriculum & Instruction for Social Justice (CISJ) program, and we discuss these important ideas in all our graduate and undergraduate programs. 

Organizers before the rally:

Participants of Teach Truth Rally

Marie Heath, assistant professor of educational technology:

Marie Heath at the Teach Truth Rally

Dr. David Marcovitz, associate dean of The School of Education, speaks at the rally: 

David Marcovitz at the Teach Truth Rally