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Path from Military to School Counselor

Rheanna Vaughn

Rheanna Vaughn started her career as a supply specialist for the United States Marine Corps. She recently appeared on the podcast New Mission: Career Transition to explain how she got from the Marines to the Loyola School Counseling Program where she is a 2023 graduate. Her story is fascinating, and she speaks very highly of the Marines and of Loyola's School Counseling Program.

"I cannot speak highly enough of the professors. I've met great people through the program that I consider mentors."

"I've met a few really great people through that program that I consider mentors... there's a lot of guest lecturers and so I have met some great people through that as well, ... hopefully I can leverage their expertise further along down the line."

Listen to the full podcast episode:

Podcast screen for New Mission: Career Transitiion podcast featuring Rheanna Vaughn talking about Financial Services , Counseling, and Values