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What We Learned in Loyola’s Ed Tech M.Ed. Program

Loyola’s Educational Technology M.Ed. program focuses on preparing teachers to foster educational environments that are socially just, diverse, inclusive, and equitable through the bridging of theory and the application of technology. We provide you with hands-on experiences and opportunities to pursue educational technology research and scholarship, as well as strategies to improve pedagogy and instructional practice. It’s the complete package. Our fully online M.Ed. program is immediately applicable to your professional practice and you will ultimately learn how to become a leader of educational technology.

We asked five recent graduates of Loyola’s Educational Technology M.Ed. program about the most significant learning they had as a graduate student in this fully-online program. From learning how to create interactive videos to the importance of addressing learner variability, here is what they had to say:

“I have a new-found confidence in EdTech and in my ability to successfully complete technical tasks that were challenging and unfamiliar, especially with creating videos.” - 3rd Grade Teacher

"This program taught me how to design and lead professional learning opportunities for adult learners, which will allow me to teach other educators how to integrate technology in their classrooms." - 9th Grade Teacher

“I learned about Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) and was able to form a PLN with other Child Development Teachers in my county. This is super helpful when you are the only one who teaches your subject at your school." - Child Development Teacher

“I learned how important buy-in is when implementing new ideas or concepts. I now know that buy-in can occur by chunking information for staff and providing relevant examples and templates that staff will be able to readily implement in their own classrooms." - Middle School Teacher

“I learned that tailoring my expectations and content to each learner is key. It's so important to provide options and I am equipped to do this now." - 5th Grade Teacher

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