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Alumni Spotlight

jalenMeet Jalen Jackson ('22), recent graduate of Loyola University Maryland's Concurrent M.Ed. in Montessori Education program.

Tell us about yourself; what are your professional goals?

I was born and raised in Louisa, Virginia. I went to undergrad school at Longwood University to acquire my bachelor’s degree and recently graduated from Loyola University with my M.Ed. My professional goals are to continuously improve my education to be more knowledgeable in areas that will help progress my professional career. I want to travel the world to work at different Montessori schools on each of the continents. After acquiring a global perspective of Montessori schools worldwide, I then want to start my own Montessori school or become the head of the school at a Montessori.

What outcome(s) of your graduate program resonates in your post-graduation work?

Loyola's graduate program helped prepare me to work with students who have exceptionalities and also be able to do effective research to improve what I can offer to my own students. I feel more prepared to handle any challenge I may experience in the classroom.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to others interested in this program?

I would give the advice to not second guess whether this program is right for you. Carrie, Greta, and the professors all take very great care of the participants of the program and especially make themselves available whenever you have questions or may feel uneasy.

What would you do differently if you had to repeat the program?

If I had to repeat the program, I personally wouldn’t do anything differently. I thought the program was truly set up for the success of students.

Lastly, do you recommend any resources or mentors for future students interested in or accepted into this program?

I think the required resources and simply having your professor available to talk with is as much of any tutor that someone will need to complete the program. I would also recommend making sure you have ample time to complete assignments and look deeper into topics.