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Developing a Partnership with Loyola

PDS partnerships with Loyola University can be initiated by the University or by local public or parochial schools. Schools and faculty members who wish to work with Loyola's School of Education meet with Loyola faculty to share ideas and basic concepts about education. These discussions are framed around Loyola's Conceptual Framework of competence, conscience and compassion.

Out of the initial meeting, a partnership may grow forming a learning community that reflects commitment to diversity, equity, and leadership that helps all stakeholders to continue to be lifelong learners.  Partnerships are a collaborative effort based on models of excellence. Pre-service teachers work alongside practicing professionals, both having the ultimate goal of fostering student achievement. The School of Education is committed to connecting teacher education to school reform.

Recognizing the complexity of teaching and learning, mentor teachers and PDS clinical faculty from Loyola, model and support pre-service teachers through actions, thoughtful decision-making, observation, reflections and feedback.

In forming a new PDS partnership, the School of Education considers the need for new sites, location of sites in relation to current active sites, attention to diversity and the presence of MSDE certified mentor teachers.

With the formation of the School of Education and its focus on urban education, we will be seeking to build on our successes and broaden our commitment to incorporate critical scholarship into our work and to approach school reform as a community effort involving university faculty, teaching interns, parents, community leaders, and other interested stakeholders.