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Andrea Fleener, M.Ed.

Off-Site Affiliate Faculty
Andrea Fleener


B.A. Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Kansas

M.Ed. Montessori Education, Loyola University Maryland

AMI Trainer Certification, Elementary

AMI Training Credentials 3-6 & 6-12


Andrea has over 10 years AMI Montessori teaching experience at the 6-9, 6-12 and 9-12 levels as well as experience working as support staff in Montessori classrooms at various levels.  She serves on various Montessori task forces and committees, is a past chair of the AMI-EAA board of directors and is an AMI external examiner.  Andrea has worked with the staff of public Montessori schools in Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota and has offered workshops, mentoring and staff support both in the United States and internationally. She is passionate about helping teachers bring the theory into practice that applies to their particular communities and loves opportunities to mentor and support teachers.