Karen Terrell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics EducationKaren Terrell

Beatty Hall 324



Ph.D Boston College - Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction

M.Ed. Boston College - Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction

B.S Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science, Art and Design


Dr. Karen Terrell is the Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Loyola University Maryland. The mission of providing high-quality education for all has guided her teaching practice, service, and research, as evidenced by the varied experiences throughout her career since 2000. She has taught high-school mathematics, middle-school mathematics, and both undergraduate and graduate courses. She also has served as a Turnaround School Mathematics Coach for Boston Public Schools, and she later consulted for schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. She received her Doctor of Philosophy degree from Boston College in 2012. Her specialties include mathematics education, content and language integration, and assessment. Her research interests include these topics as well as genre pedagogy and technology integration for diverse learners. Dr. Terrell belongs to the AERA, TESOL, and NCTM professional organizations, as well as state affiliates, and currently serves as the 2nd Vice President of GATESOL.

Recent Publications

Terrell, K.L., DeBay, D.J., & Spencer, V.J. (2023, October). Adapting stories & technology for engagement in geometry. Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, 116(10), 796-801. https://doi.org/10.5951/MTLT.2023.0031

Viesca, K. M., Gray, T., Masterson, J., Demers, K, Dray, B., Nguyen, D., Terrell, K., Guzmán, M., & Pollard-Durodola, S. (2020). Content teacher ideologies and perspectives on multilingual learners. In S. Hammer, K.M. Viesca, and N. Commins (Eds.), Teaching content and language in the multilingual classroom: International research in policy, perspectives, preparation, and practice, pp.76-102. Routledge.

Terrell, K.L. & DeBay, D.J. (2020, March). Stories & Technology: Gateways to Mathematics for All. International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, 27(1), 29-34. doi: 10.1564/tme_v27.1.04. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A671461945/AONE?u=anon~a5ce6782&sid=googleScholar&xid=2446aedc

Santavicca, N. & Terrell, K.L. (2018). The ELL shadowing protocol: Providing voice for young learners. In F. Copeland and S. Garton (Eds.), Voices from the TESOL classroom: Participant inquiries in young learner classes, pp.111-119. TESOL International Association.