Qi Shi, Ph.D.

Qi ShiAssociate Professor
Timonium Graduate Center, Room 50J


The George Washington University
Doctor of Philosophy, Counselor Education with a specialization in school counseling, 2014
Dissertation: English Language Learners' Educational Attainment in High School: An Examination of Educational Expectation, Academic Self-Efficacy, Parental Expectation and Parental Involvement Using Path Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling

Drake University
M.S., School Counseling, 2009

Beijing International Studies University
B.A., English, 2003


Qi Shi received her Ph. D. in counselor education from the George Washington University. She is an associate professor of Education in the School Counseling Program at Loyola University Maryland. Dr. Shi has published and presented in the areas of school counselors’ role in personal, social and academic development of underrepresented student populations, group counseling, and school counseling profession in China. 

Grants & Funding

2011-2012 The GSEHD Research & Innovation Venture Capital Fund at George Washington University, Using Achieving Success Everyday (ASE) group to improve academic performance and self-esteem of low-performing students from economically disadvantaged families (Research Assistant; $15,061.44)

2011 Public Service Grant Commission at The George Washington University, Empowerment Group with English-as-Second-Language (ESL) Students in Economically Disadvantaged Schools (Principal Investigator, $1900)

2007-2008 Drake University Faculty Research Grant, Examining Chinese School Counselors’ Roles and Perceptions (Co-Investigator, $3000)


Summer Dissertation Fellowship, The George Washington University, Summer 2013
Graduate School of Education and Human Development Tuition Award, Summer 2013
Graduate School of Education and Human Development Scholarship, August 2012-May 2013
Poster Presentation Award by the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy at the 2011 American Psychological Association Convention
P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship, August 2011-May 2012, August 2007- May 2008
James E. Forsyth Scholarship for School Counseling, August 2008-May 2009
Introduction to English Classes of High School received First Prize in teachers’ theses competition in Beijing. November 2005

Research Interests

Dr. Shi’s research focuses on examining the role of school counselors in the development of underrepresented student populations, using large-scale secondary data in school counseling research, and the development of school counseling profession in mainland China. 


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

• Shi, Q., Liu, X., & Leuwerke, W.C. (In Press). Chinese high school students’ perceptions of school counselors. Manuscript accepted by The Professional Counselor 
• Shi, Q., Steen, S., & Weiss, B. (2013). The impact of parental support and perception of school on Hispanic youth's substance use. The Family Journal, 21(4), 425-434.
• Shi, Q., & Steen, S. (2012). Group work with English as Second Language (ESL) students: Promoting self-esteem and academic achievement. Professional School Counseling, 16(1), 63-70. 
• Shi, Q., & Steen, S. (2010). Group work with English as Second Language (ESL) students: Integrating academic and behavior considerations. Journal of School Counseling, 8(41). 
• Shi, Q., & Leuwerke, W. C. (2010). Examination of Chinese homeroom teachers’ performance of professional school counselors’ roles. Asia Pacific Education Review, 11(4), 515-523. 
• Leuwerke, W. C., & Shi, Q. (2010). The practice and perceptions of school counselors: A view from urban China. International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling, 32, 75-89. 
• Leuwerke, W. C., Walker, J., & Shi, Q. (2009). Informing principals: The impact of different types of information on principals' perceptions of professional school counselors. Professional School Counseling, 12(4), 263-271.

Other Completed Research, Unpublished and Circulated Working Papers

• Shi, Q. (Under Review). English language learners’ educational attainment in high school: An examination of parental expectation and parental involvement using structural equation modeling. Manuscript submitted under review of American Educational Research Journal-Social and Institutional Analysis.
• Shi, Q., Steen, S., & Weiss, B. A. (Under Review). English language learners’ educational attainment in high school: An examination of educational expectation and math and English self-efficacy using path analysis. Manuscript submitted under review for paper presentation under Division G of American Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2015.
• Steen, S., Shi, Q., Griffin, D., Swayze, S., & Bauman, S. (In Revision). Using the ASCA National Model and ASCA National Standards to prepare school counselors to conduct groups in schools.  
• Steen, S., Swayze, S., Cho-Kim, S., & Shi, Q. (In Revision). Best-evidence synthesis for effective group counseling interventions with children and adolescents in schools. Submitted under review of Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice.
• Steen, S., Bauman, S. & Shi, Q. (In progress). Group counseling with diverse students in schools. 
• Steen, S., Shi, Q., & Jenkins, D. (In progress). Diversity principles in group counseling training. 

Book Chapters

• Steen, S., Shi, Q., & Hockersmith, W. (2014). Group work with African Americans. In Handbook of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy.
• Steen, S., Griffin, D. & Shi, Q. (2011). Supporting students of color on campus. In College Counseling & Outreach.
• Shi, Q. (2005). English tests preparation for college entrance exams. In Preparation for China’s National College Entrance Exams. Beijing Press & Beijing Education Press. 

Professional Activities/Society Memberships

American Educational Research Association (AERA)
American Counseling Association (ACA)
American School Counseling Association (ASCA)