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Senior Projects 2021

Alexandra Fernandez and Isabelle Rivera

Isabelle RiveraAlexandra FernandezCode/Art LEADHers Project
Client: Romina Polo, Strategic Projects Director

The goal of the Code/Art LEADHers project is to create an iOS application for young female students who are a part of Code/Art’s Future Tech LeadHERS program. Code/Art is a nonprofit organization aimed at getting more girls into the computer science field. Hence, this application, along with the database and administrative dashboard, is aimed to help keep female students engaged in Computer Science in the middle school and high school years. This application includes account creation and login where a student will be able to view events and internships that are being hosted by Code/Art or one of their partners. The administrative dashboard will be accessed only on a desktop or laptop where admins can create, modify, or delete these events and internships. In addition, they can easily remove, modify, or create user or admin accounts. Thus, this project provides security and ease of use to its users and its administrators.

Julia Hart and Illiyana Rivera

Illyana RiveraJulia HartA brand book creator
Client: Wayne Pelletier, Resonant Pixel Co.

The goal of this project is to simplify the process of creating a cohesive brand theme for all types of businesses. We are creating an engine for this branding tool. We aim to create a more affordable way to create and manage brands. This web application can be used by small businesses, brand managers, designers and any other possible users this application can be useful for. There will be a user friendly web application that allows a customer to create a log in to use the site. Once a member, they will also establish their subscription rate to use the features of the application. The features will include: a space for the user to upload their logo, the ability to choose from fonts, colors, icons, and other assets, and finally generate a template for their business based on their previous selections.

Luke Alexander and Victoria Matos

Victoria Matos and Luke AlexanderTitle of project: The Serina Ceramics Website
Client: Serina Addona, Owner of Serina Ceramics

Serina Ceramics is a new small business that sells small-batch handmade goods, particularly clay polymer earrings. In the past, business has been conducted through Instagram and Venmo. By the creation of a website, Serina Ceramics will have a single, easy-to-access location for customers to create accounts, peruse past and present products, have questions answered, and, most importantly, purchase products. The website will also have administrative capabilities so Serina can add, remove, and edit the inventory on the website.

Matthew Kinloch and Patrick Auth

Matthew Kinloch and Patrick AuthVehicle Record Management App
Clients: Jules Babayemi and Tyler Spellen

For our senior project, we have developed two identical applications on two different platforms (Android and Microsoft PowerApps) that manage records of an inventory of vehicles. The applications allow the technicians responsible for the upkeep of the vehicles to edit, view, and create new records on the vehicles themselves (make, model, mileage, etc.) and the maintenance done on them (oil changes, engine checks, etc.), from both out in the field and in the office. The applications also send alerts to the technicians if any “surprise” maintenance needs to be done on the vehicles (flat tires, dead battery, etc.). To store the records, we developed an Azure SQL Database and an Azure PHP-based Web Service, both of which communicate with the Android and PowerApps applications.
Our project provides our clients with two main benefits: 1) Migrating a long-standing paper trail of documents to a mobile-based system and 2) Allowing our clients to weigh the benefits of integrating into their system mobile applications with more customization options but more overhead versus web-based applications with less customization but less overhead.

Andrew Fallon and Jeff Umanzor

Jeffrey UmanzorAndrew FallonZehnTek Customer Rewards Program
Client: ZehnTek

We are creating a customer rewards program for ZehnTek, a small but expanding ecommerce company that specializes in computer hardware. Before our system, their rewards program was administered manually by a single employee, who would approve all requests to redeem funds and individually send out rewards update emails every month. As they have grown larger and larger, this has become impractical, and our system will allow them to continue to grow and make their technological underpinnings more scalable. Once our system is in place, users will have a greatly improved experience on the website, and the backend will automatically keep track of rewards funds and recent purchases. The rewards emails to customers will be automated through the program, and the rewards database will be fully integrated with the company’s larger database system. The system will give the company the same level of granular control over rewards accounts, while maintaining those accounts as a separate entity from their corporate accounts on ZehnTek’s main website.

Ian Gifford and Akinola Maja

Ian GiffordSticky Bot Simulation and App
Client:Team Clean Blood, Loyola Engineering Team

Our project is to complete an app and a physics simulation for Team Clean Blood. They are currently researching and developing cancer detection systems, and one such system they are calling Sticky Bots. In order to aid in both the research and presentation of these Sticky Bots, we are creating a realistic physics simulation of a human bloodstream containing Sticky Bots as well as circulating tumor cells. The simulation will allow them to experiment with the variables and constrains of the Sticky Bots and receive data on how their changes affect their performance, as well as create high-quality renders of the simulation to be presented as a proof-of-concept for presentations and speeches. The app that we will be creating will be a data viewing, filtering, and organizing app that the client is able to upload files to, and view the data in those files. The future use for the app will be for the client to upload data from their cancer detection devices.

Jack Cannon and Nicholas Pierce-Ptak

Nicholas Pierce-PtakJack CannonWLOY Scheduler & Roku App
Client: John Devecka, Operations Manager WLOY (Loyola Radio)

Our project provides a web interface for WLOY employees to dynamically schedule visual content to be played along with their audio broadcast. Student DJ’s can now upload their creations and schedule their shows in just a few clicks. To provide the quality and reliability expected of a 24/7 broadcast, the scheduler also provides users with tools to make last minute changes and ensure that every second of their show is scheduled. In addition, the project introduces a new way for the Loyola community to enjoy their campus radio station. Built to replace the obsolete campus cable TV channel, listeners will now enjoy a live feed of WLOY’s broadcast media from anywhere with an Internet connection. The site also provides an endpoint for a future Roku application.

Austin Pierce-Ptak and Liam Creamer

Austin Pierce-Ptak and Liam CreamerMindbench
Client: Mindgrub

Mindbench is an internal website created to assist Mindgrub in their allocation of workers availability and projects that need work done. Those with available time to give make a post with their availability while those with projects needing more man-hours make a request. It is then that those users reach out to one another externally. Functionality of this product includes filtering by skills, company, and job role. The intent of the system is to make more effective use of employee’s time and maximize efficiency within the company’s projects.

Kaytin Matrangola and Conor O'Brien

Client: Praxis EngineeringConor O'Brien Kaytin Matrangola

Our client, Praxis Engineering, produces a tool that collects information broadcast from network access points. The tool records beacon frames and probe responses from access points, along with the tool’s current GPS coordinates. Many networks within the packet captures offer multiple APs. Commonly in household WiFi networks, one AP provides coverage in the 2.4 Ghz band and another in the 5Ghz band. Similarly, many networks consist of extenders or mesh routers. In the packet captures collected by the tool, APs that form a network still advertise themselves to client devices as independent, but commonly share certain parameters. Our project seeks to create a website providing grouping analysis for users of the tool to upload packet captures to. Our grouping tool analyzes the packets and APs within the capture, while attempting to group seemingly independent access points together into networks. Each network grouping that our project finds has justifications appended justifying why the access points comprise a network. Users will then be able to download the grouped networks and justifications in both JSON and CSV file formats.

Benjamin Pazienza and Derek Morales


This capstone project will build a system that will scan genetic information on pancreatic cancer patients to identify what other diseases and conditions they might be predisposed to. Data will be provided via PDF files that contain patient genetic allele information derived from DNA analysis. This capstone project will interpret the raw allele information and compare it to known mutations that are linked to various health conditions and genetic predisposition to various disease. Three areas of focus will be the data validation, statistical analysis based on confidence levels and if time permitting, a machine learning model mechanism to analyze findings could be crafted.

Alexander Khaledan and Jordan Hettleman

Alexander KhaledanHuon D’Auvergne Digital Archive
Clients: Stephen McCormick - Lead investigator for Padua and the Barbieri fragment editions, TEI development. Leslie Morgan - Lead investigator for Berlin and Turin editions, general lead for project development and management, TEI development.

The Huon D’Auvergne Digital Archive is a collaborative scholarly project that presents for the first time to a modern reading audience the Franco-Italian Huon D'Auvergne romance epic. Our project was to work on version 3.0 of the website. This included a complete overhaul of the website into a React framework, adding a collaborative annotation element to the entirety of the translation for fellow scholars, and lastly an administration portal for permitted users to manage the incoming postings.



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