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Student Progress Report

Each semester the Academic Advising and Support Center requests faculty assistance in monitoring the progress of students who are:

  • at risk academically, or
  • members of Loyola’s Ignatius Scholars program (ISP), or
  • enrolled in Loyola’s military science program, or
  • International Students

Your responses to these requests have proven invaluable in counseling our students regarding the requirements of their courses. In addition, your comments are highly instrumental to faculty members of the Academic Standards Committee, as they review the students who appeal academic dismissal after not meeting Loyola’s academic standards. 

AASC will email faculty the names of students that we are requesting reports for three times each semester.  Once you receive the email, please fill out the form below for each student (all of the student information can be found in the email sent to you).   

It is important that you complete the survey promptly so we can identify who is in danger of failing your course and offer them appropriate support. We also want to provide positive reinforcement to students who are doing well. If, between progress reports, you learn additional information that could help us work more effectively with your students, please contact AASC at ext. 5050 or by email at

Thank you for your continued support of our students! 

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