Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

Core Curriculum

Class of 2027

The Academic Advising and Support Center has prepared a detailed overview of Loyola's core courses. It is important that you view the presentation and familiarize yourself with the requirements.

Liberal Arts Core
1. WR 100 Effective Writing
2. HS 100 Encountering the Past
3. EN 101 The Art of Reading
4. History 200-Level OR English 200-Level
5. World Language Intermediate II Level (104*)

6. Social Science Core (1 Course from EC, PS, PY, or SC at the 100-Level. Dependent upon major.)

7. Social Science Core (1 Course from EC, PS, PY, or SC at the 100-Level. PY and some SC may be taken at the 200-level. Dependent upon major.)

8. Fine Arts (Choose from AH 109, AH 110, AH 111, DR 250, DR 251, DR 252, MU 201, MU 202, MU 203, MU 204, PT 270, SA 224, or SA 227)
9. Mathematical Science (1 Course in MA or ST, except MA 005. Dependent upon major.)
10. Natural Science (1 Course in BL, CH, or PH. Dependent upon major.)
11. Math/Science (1 Course in BL, CH, CS, EC 220, EG 101/103, PH, MA, or ST, except MA 005. Dependent upon major.)
12. PL 201 Foundations of Philosophy
13. TH 201 Theology Matters
14. PL 202-299 OR TH 202-299
15. Ethics:

PL 300 – 319 (If student took TH 202 – 299)

TH 300 – 319 (If student took PL 202 – 299)

Diversity Course

Guide to TH and PL requirements in the new core

Download the core requirements as a PDF

*Students who place higher than the 104 level on Loyola’s foreign language placement exam may be exempt from the foreign language core requirement, pending confirmation from Loyola’s Modern Language department after a proctored on-site placement exam. Those students will need to complete 1 additional free elective in lieu of the foreign language core.

The diversity course requirement may simultaneously fulfill a core, major, minor, or elective requirement. The diversity core course may be taught in any discipline and will focus on domestic diversity, global diversity, or justice awareness.

All students are required to complete the core curriculum, regardless of their major. Please note that certain core requirements are dependent upon the student's major. Refer to the Loyola Undergraduate Catalogue for a complete listing of major requirements.