Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

The Loyola Curriculum and Course Planning

As a liberal arts university in the Jesuit tradition, Loyola prides itself on providing a rich, deep core curriculum for its students. Many majors require registration in specific core courses which satisfy both the core curriculum and major requirements. All students must complete at least 38 three- or four-credit courses and 120 credits to earn an undergraduate degree from Loyola. Each student’s curriculum is comprised of core, major, and elective courses.

  • Liberal Education in the Jesuit Tradition

    Loyola is committed to the Jesuit ideals of academic excellence, the importance of the liberal arts, and the education of the whole person. The University emphasizes the formative potential of a liberal arts education and its impact on holistic growth.

  • Loyola Core Curriculum

    It is important that you familiarize yourself with the core requirements.

  • The Major

    To see which courses are required for each major, students may view the academic worksheets specific to each class year. Academic worksheets for the Class of 2027 will be available in late August/early September 2023. Students in this class year should refer to the worksheets for the Class of 2026 as a guide in the meantime.

  • The Electives

    Electives are courses that are taken to complete the 38 course graduation requirement but are not courses required in the core or major.