Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center


Students normally take five three- or four-credit courses each semester plus any related laboratories. Undergraduate courses are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. so your courses may be spread throughout the day.

WebAdvisor is the electronic tool used at Loyola to provide students with real-time information. It is accessed through the Inside.Loyola portal and is used for course registration and drop/add. Please review the WebAdvisor instructions for assistance with navigating WebAdvisor.

  • Update Your Information

    Visit WebAdvisor to update your intended major and demographic information by June 5 so that you can be pre-registered for the appropriate courses. This is a necessary step for the registration process even if you are still undecided about your major.

  • View Fall 2020 Course Offerings

    Fall 2020 courses can be found on WebAdvisor. After logging into the “Students” menu of WebAdvisor, select “Registration” and then “Search for Sections.” To view the courses that you are eligible to register for in your first semester, select the Fall 2020 term and then select “FR – Orientation (Fall only)” in the Course Type drop-down box. 

  • Course Registration for Fall of 2020 

    Class registration will be managed by the Academic Advising and Support Center over the summer.  AASC will pre-register most students for their fall courses, including one of their top Messina preferences, any introductory major courses, and at least one humanities core requirement.  Students will have the opportunity to meet virtually with an advisor in July to review their schedules and ask any questions related to course registration and/or intended majors or minors.  Students will have the opportunity to drop/add courses online, beginning in July and continuing through the first week of classes in the fall.

    Sample First-Semester Schedule:

    A typical non-honors program first semester includes a Messina course and four courses from the categories listed below:

    • Either Effective Writing (WR*100) or another introductory-level humanities course (EN*101, PL*201, TH*201, or HS*100-level)
    • A modern or classical language course
    • An introductory major-level course
    • A science, mathematics, statistics, or fine arts core course
    • An elective course