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  • The AASC and department chairs will determine course comparability based on course descriptions. All courses will be reviewed, regardless of mode of delivery.
  • Remedial, personal development, physical education, health, and preparatory courses that are not equivalent to or discipline-compatible with Loyola’s courses are unacceptable for transfer.
  • Only courses equivalent to three or four credits in which a grade of C or higher has been earned can be accepted for transfer credit. A course with a grade of C- or below will not be accepted in transfer, regardless of the point value assigned by the transferring institution.
  • In light of the potential impact of COVID-19 on academic coursework in the Spring 2020 semester, Loyola University Maryland has temporarily relaxed its transfer course policy.  Passing grades from the Spring 2020 semester (e.g. “Pass,” “Satisfactory,” etc.) that are equivalent to a minimum letter grade of “C” or higher will be considered for transfer credit at Loyola. 
  • Grades for transferred courses will not be factored into the Loyola grade point average. Credits will be transferred only for those courses that are similar to the requirements for degree programs at Loyola University Maryland. The cumulative Loyola QPA is used for determining honors at graduation or any other academic honors. Latin honors are calculated with grades that appear on the Loyola transcript for courses completed at Loyola, through Loyola-sponsored programs, or for courses taken through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program. 

  • Courses that are 10 years or older cannot be transferred to fulfill major requirements for graduation.
Course Type Could this course transfer to Loyola? Policy
AC Accounting  Yes  
BL Biology   Yes
Science courses with associated labs must receive a C or higher in both the lecture and the lab in order to transfer. 
CH Chemistry  Yes
Science courses with associated labs must receive a C or higher in both the lecture and the lab in order to transfer. 
CL Classics
GK Greek
LT Latin
CM Communication Yes  
CS Computer Science Yes  

D Diversity
Core, Major, Elective
WR100D, PY202D, CM306D

No All students must complete the diversity requirement at Loyola
EC Economics Yes  
Teacher Education
ED Education
RE Literacy
SE Special Education 
EG Engineering Yes Engineering majors:  A transfer program is available through Associate of Science in Engineering initiative with Maryland Higher Education Commission and Loyola University Maryland 
EN English Yes  
FI Finance Yes  
Fine Arts
AH Art History
DR Theatre
MU Music
PT Photography
SA Studio Arts
GT Global Studies Yes  
HS History Yes  
IB International Business Yes  
IS Information Systems Yes  
LW Law & Social Responsibility Yes  
MG Management Yes  
MK Marketing Yes  
Mathematics & Statistics
MA Mathematics
ST Statistics
Modern Languages & Literatures 
AB Arabic
CI Chinese
FR French
GR German
IT Italian
ML Modern Languages
SN Spanish
OM production & Operations Management Yes  
PL Philosophy Yes  
PH Physics Yes Science courses with associated labs must receive a C or higher in both the lecture and the lab in order to transfer.  
PS Political Science Yes  
PY Psychology Yes  
SC Sociology Yes  
SP Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Yes  
TH Theology Yes  
WR Writing Yes  

Resources: 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog, Loyola University Maryland. See Curriculum and Policies (Policies-Courses at Other Colleges, Policies-Residency Requirement, and Grades) and Admission (Transfer Students) for transfer policy information.