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Student Organizations

ALANA Services supports the initiatives of ethnic clubs at Loyola. ALANA clubs sponsor numerous social events, lectures and off-campus trips that promote cultural awareness, community outreach, leadership and unity among Loyola students.

Here are current ALANA organizations and their goals:

African Student Association

ASA Logo

IG: @loyolaasa

The African Student's Association (ASA) serves to integrate and foster the unity of students from different African cultures, and exists as a support system and resource for any student at Loyola. The organization presents students with prominent issues relating to Africa and encourages them to partake in inclusive events/activities that expose the university to the different cultures of the continent. The ASA also strives to serve the community by collaborating with different organizations.

ASA 2019-2020 Executive Board

President – Camryn Williams
Vice President – Ethel Atanga
Secretary – Kyra Atkinson
Treasurer – Mhret Alemu
Event Coordinator – Hodavia Kalombo & Eniola Sokera

Association of Latin American & Spanish students (ALAS)


IG: @loyola_alas

The Association for Latin American and Spanish Student's mission is to foster awareness of Latino culture through educational programming and outreach to the Loyola community. With the infusion of Jesuit values and Latino perspectives, ALAS aims to immerse Loyola students into a community open to cultural awareness and proactive involvement in current issues. 

ALAS 2019-2020 Executive Board

Co-Presidents – Genesis Romero
Vice President – Anthony Muentes
Secretary – Haleema Hafeez 
Treasurer – Isaiah Diaz
Public Relations – Leslie Mayeregger
Event Coordinator – Mariana Carrillo & Frida Barrerra

Asian Cultural Alliance

ACA Logo


The Asian Cultural Alliance strives to connect with the greater Loyola campus based on an interest in the many forms of Asian culture. We strive to deliver valuable experiences based upon Asian traditions and culture, as well as educate and expose varying aspects of Asian life, dismiss stereotypes, explore diversity, and gather those who are interested to learn and discuss current issues and attitudes both related and unrelated to Asia.

ACA 2019-2020 Executive Board

President – Charles Lewin-Smith & Vivian Nguyen  
Vice President – Nicole Arro 
Secretary – Brian Chan
Treasurer – Poovanut Ben Khamhaeng & Kelley Chan
Event Coordinator - Kayte Rooney & Jada Ito
Public Relations – Reynante "Arby" Alimon

Black Student Association

BSA Logo


The purpose of the Black Student Association (BSA) is to provide measures of social and academic relations within the Black community. The mission of the Black Student Association is to promote awareness and celebrate all facets of Black culture through service projects, educational programs, social inclusiveness, and self-explanation while upholding the spirit of the Jesuit ideals.  

BSA 2019-2020 Executive Board 

President – Matthew Dorsey 
Vice President – Amber Davis
Secretary – Gillian Blackwood
Treasurer – Brynn Jones
Event Coordinator – Anaya Adams and Niya Cyrus

Caribbean Students Union

CSU logo

IG: @loyola_csu

The mission of the Caribbean Student's Union (CSU) is to provide a place for students from the Caribbean and those interested in the Caribbean culture to share in the celebration of diversity in the Loyola community. We aim to accomplish this by sharing experiences, and exploring traditions through effective planning and programming. We seek to introduce the Loyola community to the many wonderful aspects of Caribbean life. 

CSU 2019-2020 Executive Board 

President – Natalie Rosado
Vice President – Franklin Parks & Kristen Richards
Secretary – Joy Walker
Treasurer – Corey McPherson
Public Relations – Matthew Franco
Events Coordinator – Jovial Njinyi & Kierrah Harris 

Middle Eastern South Asian Student Alliance


IG: @loyolamesa

The Middle Eastern and South Asian Student Alliance (MESA) promotes the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures among Loyola students. Our goal is to foster a sense of community within the student body and increase Middle Eastern and South Asian cultural awareness throughout the Loyola campus, as well as the surrounding Baltimore area. We welcome students of all ethnic backgrounds to participate in our events.

MESA 2019-2020 Executive Board 

President – Syed Kazmi & Erica Bagheri
Vice President – Ahmed Akkad & Jenn Jafari
Secretary – Michelle Boca
Treasurer – Khin Zin
Public Relations – Deanna Bottomley
Events Coordinator – Chloe Chin 

Native American Student Association (NASA)


IG: @loyola_nasa

The Native American Students Association (NASA) aims to create a supportive space for the unique challenges faced by Native American, American Indian, Hawaiian Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native students at the college level.  The goal is to help improve academic success and individual growth among students who identify in these ethnic groups as well as informing the student body of this influential ethnic group. NASA ultimately intends to promote unity, diversity and cooperation among the Loyola University Maryland community while upholding its strong Jesuit tradition and values.

NASA 2019-2020 Executive Board

President – Taylor Anderson & Joy Walker
Vice President – Dahlia Nogales
Secretary – Taylor Anderson
Public Relations – Davida King
Events Coordinator – Erin Duffy