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Our Sustainable Commitment

Collage featuring grilled chicken with salad, eggs, and burger

We source more than 20% of our food from Local Vendors through our FarmSource program. FarmSource is one of the most successful local food service purchasing programs in the country, connecting farmers and artisans directly with Parkhurst.

To enhance the "greening" of our dining operations, our spent fryer oil, for example, is used to help produce bio-diesel fuel rather than sending it to a rendering facility to be used for cosmetics or animal feed.

Some other practices we are proud to have accomplished are:

  • Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotic Free Chicken
  • r-BGH Free Milk and Dairy Products from a Local Farm
  • Purchasing Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Foods and Canola Oil
  • Cage Free and Organic Shell Eggs and Liquid Eggs
  • Sustainable Tuna
  • Tray-less Dining to decrease food waste
  • Stem to Root Cooking - Using scraps and trimmings from vegetables to make fresh stocks
  • Pre-Consumer Compost Program
  • Compostable Disposable Ware - all our cups, bowls, plates, to-go containers are compostable
  • Onsite Recycling
  • Digital Menu Boards to decrease paper waste


Water bottles with text: 'Cupanion your eco drinking buddy'

We have teamed up with SGA and the sustainability department to bring Cupanion on campus to help Reduce, Reuse and Refill!

What is Cupanion?

You purchase a Cupanion tag or cup and scan your unique code each time you use your cup on campus. This keeps track of how many times you divert waste from the landfill and you collect points towards a reward. Use your cup to get a fountain drink or brewed coffee.

  • Purchase a Cupanion bottle or tag (available at Iggy's or Boulder 2.0)
  • Download the "Fill it Forward" app on your phone (learn more at cupanion.com/app)
  • Scan your tag using the Cupanion app
  • Earn rewards for reusing
  • Track your personal impact!

Cup Choices

  1. Stainless steel water bottle for cold drinks, $19
  2. Stainless steel travel mug that will keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 5 hours, $21.75
  3. Glass water bottle in a protective grey sleeve for a fruit infuser, $16.50
  4. OR, buy a tag and put it on any reusable water bottle you want, $5

Cupanion cup options

What is #FillItForward?

Fill it forward with image of young children smiling and drinking clean waterThe Fill It Forward initiative aims to partner with organizations and individuals that want to make a difference by supplying clean water to those in need. For every Cupanion product sold, they will donate the equivalent of the first fill of clean water to a person in need. With each scan you make, Cupanion matches one cup of clean water donated to our Loyola project. Our goal at Loyola is 39,884 scans to pay for a hand dug well and rope pump for 120 people in Salima. Learn more about the initiative at fillitforward.com or on social media using #fillitforward.

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