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Virtual Meetings

Loyola University Maryland hosts virtual events and meetings! They offer a way to remain connected when you can’t meet in person.

Event Information

It can be helpful to approach the design of a virtual event in the same way you would a live event. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is the purpose or goal of this event?  
  • Who is the target audience?  
  • How many attendees do you expect?  
  • What will be the format and length of the event?  Best practice alert: Keep virtual events to no more than 2 hours and consider spreading longer events over multiple days.
  • Will there be a 30-minute presentation from a single speaker, followed by a 30-minute Q&A?
  • Could it be an hour-long panel discussion based on pre-submitted questions?  
  • Would breakout sessions be helpful for further discussion?  
  • What is on your event’s agenda?
  • How will you engage your attendees?  Best practice alert: You might consider a few different options to keep your audience engaged.
  • Will you encourage audience participation through the hand raise, chat, poll, or Q&A features or shared screen features?

These decisions will inform your next steps.

Date Selection

  • Refer to the University Calendar or let us know what dates you have in mind (multiple dates are allowed, if available)
  • Please let us know how long each meeting/session will be.


  • Who will be the leader/speaker of the event (The Moderator)?
    • Person/people responsible for speaking during the presentation.
  • Who is the supporting cast/assistants that will be helping?
    • A backup to the moderator with access to similar technical controls as the moderator, but with attention to attendees during the event.
    • Moderates chat, polls, questions, etc.
    • Loyola Staff is available to assist and run the program, please inquire for pricing.
  • Panelists and Speakers. 
    • By building a skilled event production team, speakers & panelists will be empowered to give their full attention to engaging attendees with content.
  • University AV Team – responsible for managing the platform.
  • Ensure there is time set aside to learn and understand the platform. Conduct test runs prior to your presentation.

Technology Needs

Determine whether a virtual meeting, webinar or livestream is most appropriate for your event. Please discuss your available options with our Audio Visual Team.

Zoom Webinar – 100% virtual

  • Up to 1000 attendees, 50 panelists
  • Only panelists can be viewed or heard
  • Custom Branding on Registration and Email Correspondence
  • Email Reminders to attendees
  • Follow up Email to attendees
  • Follow up Email to Absentees
  • Polls
  • QA – pre-submitted during registration process and/or live through QA chat box
  • Participant chats
  • Recording available
  • On-Demand viewing options
  • Registration / Attendee reports available post event
  • Captioning available

Zoom Meeting – 100% virtual

  • Up to 300 participants
  • More Interactive experience. All participants can be viewed / heard
  • Breakout rooms available
  • Recording available
  • Password protection available
  • Captioning available

Livestream – Hybrid in-person/virtual

  • Unlimited capacity
  • Live event virtual experience.
  • Requires venue rental / backdrop
  • Ability to have multiple cameras (viewing angles)
  • Ability to increase production value with stage / up-lighting.
  • Ability to host event behind a virtual paywall for ticketing
  • Ability to incorporate zoom or other remote presenters.
  • Recording available
  • Captioning available (additional costs below)

Contact us to book your next virtual event