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Make a Reservation Request (Internal Groups)

Members of the Loyola community can reserve campus space through Event Services.

Request Campus Space Online

Anyone with active Loyola University Maryland credentials and associated with a university department, club, or organization can request space using 25Live. To request spaces not listed in 25Live (4th Floor Program Room, McGuire Hall, Reitz Arena) please contact Event Services directly.

Request Campus Space Via Phone

Reservation requests can be made from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. by calling ext. 5077 or they may be faxed to ext. 2211. Request for space should be made at least three business days in advance of your event.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Date: Please provide the full date (day, month, and year) and include the day of the week. If applicable, please provide a snow date and/or alternate date for your event.
  • Time: Please use the actual start and end times. Do not include setup or breakdown times, as our office will do that according to the requirements of the event. If you need to have access to the room prior to your event, please indicate the reason why and the specific time on your request.
  • Name/Title of Event: Please use the actual title of the event, the name of speaker, or the nature of the meeting. Be specific.
  • Attendance: Provide the most accurate approximation so that we can schedule your event in an appropriate space.
  • Facility: It is helpful to provide several choices in order of preference in the event your first choice is not available. Please include a rain site if applicable.
  • Catering: Please contact Evergreen Catering at ext. 5858 to discuss catering options.
  • Set Up: Tables, chairs, audiovisual needs, etc. Faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students may contact Event Services via phone at ext. 5077, fax at ext. 2211, or email

Alternate Request Process for Student Groups

The following groups must complete additional steps before contacting Event Services:

  • Student Clubs/Organizations: Obtain an event reservation request form from the student activities office. Completely fill out the form, discuss the event with a moderator, and have a moderator sign it. The form must then be signed by a student activities representative. Once the form is signed, student activities will submit it to Event Services. If Event Services has any questions the student will be contacted directly. Once a room has been assigned the student will receive an email confirming the reservation.
  • Resident Assistants and Resident Affairs Council for Residence Life & Housing: Obtain an event reservation request form from the Residence Life & Housing office. Completely fill out the form, discuss the event with a graduate resident coordinator (GRC) or assistant director of Residence Life & Housing (AD), and have him/her/them sign it. The GRC or AD should then submit the request to the Event Services office. Once a room has been assigned the student will receive an email confirming the reservation.
  • Center for Community, Service, and Justice and Campus Ministry: Obtain an event reservation request form from the Center for Community, Service, and Justice or Campus Ministry. Completely fill out the form, discuss the event with a Center for Community, Service, and Justice or Campus Ministry staff member, and have him/her/them sign it. The staff member should then submit the request to Event Services. Once a room has been assigned the student will receive an email confirming the reservation.

A moderator must approve all student group events. Only forms with a moderator’s signature will be processed. Accuracy in completing these forms is essential to ensure a timely response.

Receiving a Confirmation

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Upon receipt, please allow Event Services three business days to respond to your request. Response time is dependent upon the volume of requests received, the nature of the event, and the space that is requested. Event confirmation may not be possible if request is received less than three days prior to event date.

The following will be considered when confirming an event:

  • The facility is available and suitable for the event;
  • The resources (staff, equipment, parking, etc.) are available;
  • The event will not conflict with other activities already scheduled; and
  • There is sufficient time to properly prepare the facilities.

Consideration must be made for the work load placed on service providers such as public safety/campus police, facilities operations, transportation and parking, dining services, etc.

Every effort will be made to schedule your event in a space appropriate to the size of your group and the nature of your event. Once a room has been assigned, a verbal phone confirmation will be made and a written confirmation will be faxed to the sponsoring department. Please check the written confirmation to be sure all details of your event have been recorded accurately. If anything is incorrect, please notify Event Services at ext. 5077. A new confirmation will be sent to the event sponsor.

Event Planning Guidelines

In order to help you plan your events more effectively and ensure their success, we have developed the following event planning guidelines, as well as the more comprehensive Event Use Guidelines.

Event Services will gladly assist you in the planning and execution of your event. If you have questions or need guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Point of Contact

Please be aware that the initial person requesting a space for the event will be considered the contact for that event. The contact person should make all changes, additions, and cancellations. If the contact person should change, please notify Event Services. Changes to the original reservation must be submitted to Event Services at least three business days prior to the event.


For event guests that require special attention due to disability, please contact parking and transportation for parking needs at 410-617-5552. Additionally, feel free to visit Disability Support Services or contact Marcia Wiedefeld at 410-617-2062.


Food and beverages are only allowed in designated food and beverage serving areas. All catering arrangements must be made through Loyola Dining Services. Menus, pricing, policies and team members can be found through the catering website.

The only exceptions to this policy include:

  • All Campuses - Food and non-alcoholic beverages served in departmental spaces not reserved through Event Services, where food is picked up or delivered and clean-up is done by the campus department.
  • Evergreen and Timonium Campus - Exceptions may be granted for Events with specific catering needs that cannot be met by Loyola Dining Services. These exceptions must be approved one month in advance of the event by the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services.
  • Columbia Campus - All catering arrangements at this location must be made with a University approved caterer.
  • Timonium Campus - All catering arrangements at this location for events with more than 30 people, must be made with Loyola Dining Services. For events under 30 people, any University approved caterer may be used. If used for an event with under 30 people, Loyola Dining Services may add a $25 delivery charge.

Loyola University Maryland has a “Pouring Rights” Agreement with The Pepsi Bottling Group. Per this agreement, User understands and acknowledges that beverages served and sold on the property owned or leased by Loyola University Maryland must be bottled or sold by The Pepsi Bottling Group. This includes bottled water. No signs or sponsorship of any other bottler permitted—there are no exceptions to this requirement. University staff has the right to remove any products that do not comply with this Agreement.

Alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted without Loyola’s prior approval through Event Services and Loyola Dining, which shall be granted or withheld in Loyola’s sole and absolute discretion, and subject to any conditions that Loyola may elect to place upon the service and consumption of such beverages.

Outside food or beverages sales are not permitted. Exceptions must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services and coordinated through Loyola Dining Services.

Advertising Your Event

Advertising for events (fliers, Loyola Today, email, mailings, etc.) should not begin until a confirmation has been received from Event Services. To avoid confusion the correct, confirmed times and locations must be advertised. This should reflect the information on the confirmation. Discrepancies between the advertised and confirmed information could cause delays in promotion of the event.

Shuttles, Parking, and Security

When required, arrangements for additional services such as shuttle, parking, and security can be made through Event Services.

Equipment Rental

If needs exceed available inventory, it may be necessary at times to rent equipment for an event. In this situation, the sponsor will be contacted with the additional cost of rental and, upon approval from the sponsor and moderator, the sponsor will be billed for the cost of the rental. Please note that Event Services does not own table linen.

Evergreen Card Readers

Evergreen card readers are available for recognized clubs and organizations. To ensure proper credit, an account number must be noted on the facility request form. Student organizations and clubs can obtain this information through student activities or the club moderator.

Contracted Services

For all University events involving contracted services, Event Services must receive a copy of the contract in order to confirm the event. Space reservations will not be confirmed until Event Services has received a copy of the contract.


If your event needs to be canceled for any reason, please notify our office immediately.

Contact Us

Main Office: 410-617-5077
Fax: 410-617-2211