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Office Relocation

Event Services is responsible for all commercial relocation for faculty and administrative offices on campus. We strive to provide courteous and timely support and coordination with other support departments to help ensure that relocation needs are met.


Everything you would like moved needs to be packed. No furniture is moved if there are contents inside. We will bring you as many boxes and milk crates as you need. The milk crates are perfect for pendaflex files. All furniture must clearly be marked with your room number.

All boxes must close completely. We will provide as much tape/tape guns as you would like. All of the boxes are the same size to make packing easier.

All boxes must be marked with the room number you are moving to. We will be utilizing some external labor and names do not mean anything to them. We work with diagrams of the space so marking the room number works very well. We do recycle the boxes so please use a 2x2 white label with the room number printed out. Please mark the top of the box and one side. Once your move is finished and you have unpacked the boxes, please break them down, send us an email and we will send a truck over to pick them up.

Please leave all your pictures, plaques, boards, and anything else you may have on your walls, on the walls. We will carefully remove all those fragile items and wrap them in protective wrap prior to the move. It does not help if you remove the items for us. If you have belongings that you would like to wrap and move yourself, we will provide bubble wrap for you.


Please make decisions now about what furniture you would like to take. Once we move your furniture over, it is yours to keep. Any secondary removal from your new location will be contracted out and your budget will be charged for the labor and trucking. If you have furniture you would like put back into the surplus cycle, please mark it as surplus.

If you have existing furniture moving over to another building, please draw a diagram of how you would like your furniture arranged in your office. For many reasons, mostly for your safety, we request that the individuals who are being moved make plans not to be present during the move.


We will move your phones and computers. Please have computers unplugged and pack your keyboard, mouse, speakers, and cables in a box. Please also pack your phone in the same box as well. Please mark this box very clearly, as we will unpack these items for you once we arrive at your destination.

If for some reason your cables run behind furniture or cabinets, we will provide the labor to facilitate this for you. Please mark your phone, keyboard, speakers, monitor, mouse, printer, and CPU with your new room number if you are not able to pack up your system.

We will take over your trashcans provided they do not have trash in them and they are somewhat clean. If your have a water cooler, please be sure the bottle and cooler are empty on your move day.

Although the move process is very much an inconvenience, please be ready on your date. The operation is inclusive and we come over prepared to work. We work on the entire space all at once. Ideally, we like to completely clean out offices in one trip.


If you have any questions, please email

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