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Common Text Committee

Looking Ahead to 2024-2025

Messina, in partnership with the Office of Student Engagement and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office, is seeking suggestions and nominations for the 2024-2025 Common Text. The books should be thought-provoking, engaging to a first-year student audience and easily applied to a range of disciplines and Messina themes (Self and Other, Stories We Tell, The Good Life and The Visionary). The 2024 Common Text committee will focus their review of books on topics pertaining to climate change and sustainability. When reviewing books, the committee considers the following criteria:

  • The topics addressed can apply to variety of themes (Messina themes) and can be welcoming to various disciplines.
  • Students should be able to read the book independently over the summer (without guidance and instruction).
  • The book should have a hook to engage a high school graduate (and at the same time, should avoid a redundant experience from high school).
  • While no book is off limits, we should be aware of the “agenda” perception/argument – as a committee, we should be ready to defend the selection to a wide audience that includes colleagues, parents and students.

We are also seeking faculty members and administrators representing a variety of disciplines/schools, student development departments and Messina theme participation to serve on the 2024-2025 selection committee. The first Common Text Committee meeting will be scheduled for late September 2023. During the fall semester, committee members will read 3-4 of the texts under consideration and will offer feedback towards the final selection, which should take place in March 2024.

Fill out a form to suggest a book or to express interest in joining the committee. Book suggestions on topics other than climate change and sustainability will be recorded and provided to the 2025-2026 Common Text Committee.