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A message from Milton Javier Bravo, Ph.D., vice president for mission and identity at Loyola, on the events in the Middle East

A white pole with the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" stands by a stone wall

Milton Javier Bravo, Ph.D., vice president of mission and identity for Loyola University Maryland, sent this message to the Loyola community on Oct. 11, 2023:

Dear Members of the Loyola Community,
When I originally envisioned introducing myself to the University community this semester as your inaugural vice president for mission and identity, I could not have imagined the violence we would be witnessing now in Israel and Gaza.

The type of violence unfolding will be met with difficult emotions, particularly by those within our community who may be personally impacted by the war-like conditions currently underway. Any loss of human life is a loss to all of us, as we are part of a larger human community.

So, my prayer at this moment is for peace, and an end to this violence. My prayer is for members of our community, that we may wrestle with the complex emotions that a time such as this one in our history brings. My prayer is for a continuation of striving towards the common good, even in the midst of so much pain and suffering.
As Pope Francis reminded us this past Sunday, “Let it be understood that terrorism and war do not lead to any resolutions, but only death and suffering of so many innocent people. War is a defeat! Every war is a defeat! Let us pray that there be peace in Israel and in Palestine.”
All are welcome to gather for prayer near the Peace Pole outside Alumni Memorial Chapel today, Wednesday, Oct. 11, from 2 to 2:30 p.m.

We will also continue to include an intention for “peace in our world” at our liturgies throughout this week. We especially ask for the intercession of Mary during this time, that we may continue the work of building up our communities, working toward justice, healing, and love.

If you are in need of extra support as you process these events, please contact members of our community who are ready and available to serve students in the Counseling Center, Campus Ministry, ALANA Services, or the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Faculty, staff, and administrators are also welcome to seek support through Loyola’s Employee Assistance Program and our University Chaplain.

May we continue to build a culture of encounter and belonging in our community.
God Bless,

Milton Javier Bravo, Ph.D.
Vice President for Mission and Identity