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Alumni Spotlight: Alexandra Rodriguez, M.Ed. '21

Alexandra Rodriguez testimonial

Alexandra Rodriguez earned her M.Ed. from the Educational Technology program (now Learning Design & Technology) in 2021. Since graduating, Alexandra has become a Computer Science Teacher/Technology Lead at an elementary school. Read her interview below to learn how a degree from Loyola empowered her to step forward in her career. 

Q&A with Alexandra Rodriguez

  • Why did you choose your program at Loyola? I selected Educational Technology at Loyola because I was interested in how technology could improve my teaching. Prior to teaching computer science I was teaching STEM. I was always interested in new ways to integrate technology within my classroom. 
  • Did you work while pursuing your degree? If so, how was your experience with work/life balance? I began my degree, and shortly after, the COVID-19 Pandemic began. During that time I was teaching virtually, as well as attending my Loyola classes virtually. It was a challenging work life balance because I was teaching in front of my computer all day, and attending classes in front of my computer as well. My professors were extremely understanding, supportive, and encouraging as we all were navigating this new form of teaching and learning together. I was able to apply what I was learning in my program to my students when I was teaching them virtually. It was very helpful and I was taking my knowledge directly from my classes to my lessons.
  • What were some of your favorite aspects about pursuing a graduate degree at Loyola? Some of my favorite aspects about pursuing a graduate degree at Loyola were my professors and my professional learning network that I was able to build with the other students of the program.
  • What do you think sets Loyola apart from other universities that offer a similar program? What sets Loyola apart from other universities is the small class sizes and understanding professors who see you as a professional in your career.
  • How has your degree from Loyola set you up for success in your career? My degree and experience at Loyola set me up for success in my career in many ways. After graduating I began teaching computer science, and stepped into the role of managing the technology at my school. My knowledge in Ed Tech has helped me in each of these roles. I am able to support other colleagues, organize and inventory all student tech, and create meaningful lessons and learning experiences through various digital platforms.
  • What was your most impactful learning experience during your time with the program? My most impactful experience during my time with the program was working with fellow members of the program and building my professional learning community.
  • How do you use what you learned in the Ed tech program in your current position? I am a computer science educator for grades pre k- 8, and I am the technology lead at my school. I have used what I learned in the Ed Tech program daily in my practice and every day tasks. From implementing new technology within my classroom, to being able to organize and communicate information to my coworkers, the Ed Tech program has greatly benefited my life.

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