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Halloween party, local students

Honors enriches its students’ extracurricular experience through an extensive program of cultural events, discussions, social occasions, and excursions both within and beyond the Baltimore-Washington area.

2017-18 Events

This is what we have lined up so far — more to come!


  • Sign up for tickets and trips in HU 231B (Ms. Ingram's office) except when directed otherwise. Tickets may be picked up during the week of the performance.
  • The Center Stage dates have been confirmed. We will have 18 tickets for each of the Center Stage plays and 20 for the BSO concerts. We will reimburse cab fare for these events. Please try to share rides.
  • Seniors: Plan ahead and make a note of the wine tasting in the spring in your honor. The date has not been confirmed.
Wednesday, 30 Honors Freshmen move in and orientation
Monday, 4
Homer and Pizza—Freshmen Class
Discussion of Odyssey and pizza dinner in the common area of English department,  4-6 p.m.
Tuesday, 5
Classes Begin
Saturday, 9 Winton Marsalis with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for a Gala Concert
Marsalis and three of the finest jazz musicians in the world: Dan Nimmer, piano; Carlos Henriquez, Bass; and Alio M Jackson II, Drums with Marin Alsop directing.
8 pm at Meyerhoff. Hall.
Thursday, 14 Odds Bodkin Performance, "The Odyssey: Belly of the Beast"
McGuire East, 7 pm
Friday, 22    Center Stage THE CHRISTIANS, By Lucas Hnath,  Directed by Hana S. Sharif
Does absolute tolerance require tolerance of the intolerant? Can a divided head find a way to lead? When the stakes are eternity, what happens if your pastor is wrong? These are the questions that arise in a present-day American megachurch in The Christians, a new play about the seemingly insurmountable distance that exists when people of the same religion hold different beliefs. Stunning in its theatricality, this production will feature multiple choirs from area churches. Prescient in its investigation of the commercialization of religion, this play spotlights the sensitive and challenging obstacles of all successful organizations.   
2016 Outer Critics Circle Award Winner “This nonjudgmental show, which offers a safe place for good people to disagree and even, possibly, evolve spiritually, is a tonic for tough times.” –Dallas News  
Center Stage, 8:00 pm.
Monday, 18 Honors Program Dinner
Dress is jacket and tie for gentlemen, comparable attire for ladies. This event is for the entire program: all students and faculty. The dinner will be in McGuire Hall at 6 p.m. 
RSVPS are necessary by Sept.8.
Wednesday, 27 The American Shakespeare Company’s Wicked Folly Tour Macbeth
7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
Thursday, 28 The American Shakespeare Company’s Wicked Folly Tour Sense and Sensibility
7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
Friday, 29
The American Shakespeare Company’s Wicked Folly Tour--"Taming of the Shrew"
7:00 PM, McManus Theatre
Saturday, 30
Eloquentia Perfecta  three sections trip to DC
Saturday, 7
Family Weekend: Presentations of CFH student grant winners: Student Research Fellowships, Summer Study Program and Otherwise Unfunded Internships.  Students presenting are: Kelly Mueller, Hunter Flynn, Matthew Rossi and Rosie Waniak 1:00 pm in 4th Floor.  See the schedule on the Family Weekend website.
Nacbahr Lecture: Dr. Jean Lee Cole, about 2:30 followed by parent.faculty and student reception 4th Floor
Friday, 20
Semester break
Friday, 27 Shostakovich and Strauss: Musical Iconclasts with Cellist Sol Bagetta
Be transported by Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier, Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream overture; Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No. 1 in E- Flat Major; and Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. Marin Alsop conducting.  8 pm at Meyerhoff.   Dr. Remi Chiu's HN CLASS will be attending this and using most of the tickets.
Saturday, 28
Freshmen Honors Trip to New York City; the MET
Sign up by October10 with Ingram. Further details on where and when to sign up for the bus and tours will be announced later. The freshmen are expected to attend the Ancient Gallery tours. Leave from Jenkins lot at 7 am; return at 11 pm.
Wednesday, 1 Cardin Lecture, McGuire Hall
more information to follow
Friday, 2- Thursday, 8
National French Week   "The French Connection: A Story of Friendship"
Friday, 3

Center Stage: Shakespeare in Love, Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard, Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall, Directed by Blake Robison
“Shall I compare thee to a something something… mummers play?” And so begins one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets, and this charming story of love, inspiration, muses, and art, based on the Oscar-winning film. This smart and poignant tale offers a smattering of allusions that will delight anyone familiar with the Bard—or simply the English language. This story is as crowd-pleasing as mistaken identities, a shipwreck, and love triumphant, and is set in a time when a Londoner could still utter the words: “Shakespeare? Never heard of him.” A great play for the entire family.
Center Stage, 8:00 pm.

 Friday, 1  Center Stage: Lookingglass Alice, Adapted by David Catlin from the works of Lewis Carroll, Directed by Jeremy B. Cohen
Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and a cast of characters as wild as whimsy and wicked as royalty. If you’re curiouser about the other side, David Catlin’s adapted tale will send you into a tailspin of queens and pawns, riddles and mind games, madness and tea parties. Our holiday season offering is perfect for the entire family, and children of all ages will delight in this wonderful world. Families can come together to build a theater going tradition and enjoy the spectacular realm created from author Lewis Carroll’s legendary imagination. Join us down the rabbit hole.
Center Stage, 8:00 pm.
Wednesday, 6
Honors Christmas Party
Hug Lounge 5-7:00 p.m.
Entertainment provided by the Honors class of 2020! We participate in Presents for Christmas. Your gift for charity  can be brought to the party. Details will be given later.

Bad Sweater Competitors 2017

Bad Sweater Winners 2017 
2017 Honors Bad Sweater Competition  and the Winners
            Seniors --Note the date for the wine tasting.
Tuesday, 16 Classes start  ***HN499 will be holding debates on ethical issues to which we hope you will all come. The dates and topics to be announced later in the term.
Friday, 19 Tchaikovsky’s Vivid Virtuosity with pianist Gabriela Montero,  Marin Alsop conducting.
Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra; and Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor
Montero “has everything: crackling rhythmic brio, subtle shadings, steely power… and, best of all, unsentimental expressivity” NY Times.
8:00 pm Meyerhoff Hall
Friday, 16 Center Stage: Skeleton Crew, By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Nicole A. Watson
From the playwright of Detroit ’67, Skeleton Crew (the third play in Dominique Morisseau’s acclaimed Detroit trilogy) tells the story of four workers at the last exporting auto plant in Detroit struggling to survive as their way of life disappears. Set around 2008, this play vividly portrays the modern struggle in a changing America, and reveals the real people on the factory line. This skeleton crew—the bare minimum number of staff needed to function—is made up of people who keep the vital operations of the plant running in the face of obstacles, rumors, and, eventually, the confirmation of their worst fears. Loyalties are tested and boundaries are crossed as this vibrant team of loyal and proud workers navigate an uncertain future.
Center Stage, 8:00 pm
Thursday, 22 Rite of Spring with Branford Marsalis, Saxophone and the BSO, Marin Alsop conducting.
Anna Clyne’s Abstractions; Ibert’s Concertino Da Camera; Milhaud’s Scaramouche and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring  “a piece of music so wild, so barbaric, and yet so brilliant that it incited a riot.” Marsalis performs two melodic French pieces with BSO.   8:00 pm at Meyerhoff.
Thursday, 22-Thursday, March 1 Italian Week "Florence: From Roman Camp to modern City"
Saturday, 3-Sunday, 11 SPRING BREAK
Monday, 12-Saturday, 17 Humanities Symposium Week—Two hundredth Anniversary of Frederick Douglass's birth
Text: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

Wednesday, 14 Student/Faculty Colloquia-McManus Theatre during class times 8-5
Thursday, 15

Student/Faculty Colloquia--McManus Theatre during class times 8-5:15

Humanities Symposium Keynote:  
6:00 PM, McGuire Hall 

Friday, 16


Center Stage: Animal Farm,  George Orwell, Adapted by Ian Woolridge, Directed by May Adrales
One day on Manor Farm, shortly before his death, an old boar named Major told the other animals about his dream. United by the realization that all animals have a common enemy—man—the animals revolted against the tyranny of forced work. They fought and gained their freedom and established a system of thought, Animalism, based on the wise words of the Major. All animals are comrades. All animals are equal. But as months and years pass, the exalted words of the Major become distorted, and the citizens of Animal Farm come to see that some animals are more equal than others.
Center Stage 8:00 p-m.
Thursday, 29 - Monday, April 2
Wednesday, 11
2018 Annual Colloquium on Language, Literature and Society "1968/2018: The Pen as Sword"
Times and Locations to be announced.
Saturday, 21 (Not confirmed)
WINE TASTING in Honor of  the Class of 2018, 4th Floor, 6-9 pm. Invitations will be sent.
Monday, 30
Last Day of Classes
Saturday, 19