Loyola University Maryland

Loyola Center at Newcastle

Academic Overview

Loyola Center students are offered a choice of four distinct study abroad programs:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Finance
  • Psychology and Biomedical/ Biomolecular Sciences
  • Science, Agriculture, and Engineering

The Center offers study abroad students a wide variety of courses in the four different fields of study at Newcastle. These include arts and humanities; business and finance;  psychology and biomedical/biomolecular sciences; and science, agriculture, and engineering. The Loyola Center at Newcastle offers a great deal of flexibility in the courses students may take. They have the ability to take a variety of courses in different fields or can focus on one specific subject. Students studying at the Center are encouraged to take the necessary courses to complete undergraduate degree requirements at their home institution. A full list of courses can be found on the courses page.

Students are able to study at the Center for one semester or a full academic year. Approximately half of the study abroad students choose to stay for a year (two semesters). Loyola University Maryland awards credit (2.5 or 5) for all modules taken at Newcastle University. Loyola Center students live in student accommodation with local and international students, and are fully integrated into the University's academic schools and student community.

Academic Terminology

An academic year is divided into two semesters: semester one begins in September and ends in January. Semester two runs from January to mid-June.

All modules (also known as courses) have a code, a title, and a specific number of credits attached to them. Study abroad students are required to follow a normal undergraduate workload based on 120 credits for a full academic year or 60 credits per semester.

Teaching Methods

At Newcastle University, teaching staff use a wide variety of teaching and assessment styles. Lectures, seminars, tutorials and in some subjects, laboratory classes—provide the main points of contact between student and tutor. These are often supplemented with fieldwork, guest lectures, student presentations, conferences, and private study. Please see further explanations on the UK Council for International Affairs.

Assessment Methods

Assessment is by written, practical, and oral examinations. Coursework and projects may also be assessed. In most cases, study abroad students will complete the same assessments as full-degree students. If necessary, the Loyola Center will make arrangements for students studying for semester one only to be assessed at their home institution in January.


When students have completed their period of study at Newcastle, they will receive a Loyola University Maryland transcript stating the Newcastle modules studied, the Loyola equivalent credits earned, and the Loyola equivalent grade awarded. The credits will be transferred back to Loyola with U.S. credit equivalent. Students will receive 5 Loyola credits for 20 Newcastle credits and 2.5 Loyola credits for 10 Newcastle credits for a total of 15 Loyola credits per semester. 

A Loyola University Maryland transcript will not automatically be sent to the home institution. It is the responsibility of the student to request a transcript from the Loyola University Maryland records office once a semester at the Loyola Center has been completed. Please keep in mind that it could take 8-12 weeks after the exam period has ended to send a Loyola University Maryland transcript to the student's home institution.

Academic Advisers

For each of the study abroad programs, there is a specialist academic adviser who will assist students throughout their modules. This will allow students to follow a stimulating academic program at Newcastle that complements their study at home.

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