Loyola University Maryland


Best-in-Class Education and Training

The Psychology Department is committed to building a distinctive best-in-class experience through the following eight goals:

  1. Emphasis on experiential and skill-based learning
  2. Deep mentoring and personal student-faculty relationships
  3. Focus on ethics and diversity across all programs and courses
  4. Attention to and opportunities for intensive research training
  5. Commitment to service learning and engaged scholarship
  6. The creation of applied knowledge and expertise
  7. An extensive network of externship and field experience partners
  8. A strong sense of community at the department and program levels

Learn more about best-in-class curriculum for each degree:

Undergraduate Masters Doctoral
Tori Kovelman

Tori Kovelman

Tori credits Loyola for developing her as a leader, advocate, and change agent for her students, school, and the system