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Important Information on the M.S. in Clinical Professional Counseling Program

The Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling (CPC) program prepares students to become licensed as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the state of Maryland (and other states; see licensing boards for additional information). All incoming CPC students must complete and pass a background check prior to enrollment.

Clinical Professional Counseling Program Prerequisites

All students must demonstrate competency in the content areas of general psychology. All applicants must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in psychology or another field and must have completed coursework in the following areas: introductory psychology, abnormal psychology OR psychopathology, and research methods OR statistics in a social science. These courses do not have to be completed prior to applying, but would have to be completed prior to starting courses in the fall semester of entry into the program. These courses can be completed at any accredited institution including community colleges.

Connection to Doctoral Training

Many individuals who are pursuing a degree in psychology, counseling, or mental health services more broadly are faced with the decision of whether to earn a master’s degree, doctoral degree, or both. While many of our alumni have gone on to pursue doctoral education after graduating from Loyola’s master’s program, it should be noted that this program is best suited for individuals looking to become licensed and practice independently at the master’s level (e.g., in Maryland this is called a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, or LCPC). Furthermore, the CPC Program is not a stepping stone for Loyola’s Psy.D. Program in Clinical Psychology; students who graduate from the CPC Program are welcome to apply to Loyola’s Psy.D. program, though it is important to note that they would be considered among all first year applicants without training at the master’s level, and would have to complete the entire five years of education and training, including many repeat classes, if admitted.