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Undergraduate Studies in Psychology

Dr. Heather Lyons having a discussion with students, who are engaged in the conversation and taking notes.Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Students majoring in psychology are exposed to fundamental concepts that provide them with a solid foundation in the discipline. Development of critical thinking skills, understanding of research methodology, and appreciation for diversity are hallmarks of the undergraduate program. In addition, students are provided with a unique degree of flexibility in selecting courses from several required areas to best prepare them for graduate programs or careers of their choice.

The psychology major is an extremely popular one at Loyola. We have 26 professors and 22 affiliates who offer a wide range of courses, from the introductory course to field placement and advanced research. The department has computer facilities, a biofeedback laboratory, and faculty who are involved not only in teaching but also in research, supervision, and clinical practice. The department is known for the strong teaching skills of its faculty; three professors have received the Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students (MPAGS) Mentor of the Year award, three others have been honored as Distinguished Teachers of the Year, and another was designated Outstanding Teacher of Psychology in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Theresa DiDonato walking and conversing with two students on the quad behind Beatty Hall.Psychology faculty engage in research on many topics, including childhood problems, geropsychology, forensics, health psychology, romantic relationships, and multicultural psychology, to name a few. Many psychology faculty members have published widely in their areas of expertise. During their studies as psychology majors, students may have the opportunity to conduct research with a psychology faculty member, either on the student's own project or in the faculty member's program of research. In the past, students have presented their work at local, regional, and national psychology conferences.

Psychology Curriculum

Program Director

Rachel L. Grover, Ph.D.


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