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Departmental Honors

Honors in Psychology

An honors option is available to psychology majors who meet the requirements listed below.

  • A 3.700 GPA in the major and a 3.500 GPA overall. This GPA determination is based upon cumulative grades and is confirmed in the student’s second to last semester.
  • Entry into the honors option is contingent upon the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Education. Students should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Education no later than the close of the student’s second-to-last semester.
  • Students will complete one of fourpossible two-semester sequences listed below during their junior or senior year, and present a seminal project in a professional forum* (e.g., Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Colloquium, Psi Chi Induction, professional local, regional, or national conference).

  • PY 401 - Independent Study in Psychology I and PY 402 - Independent Study in Psychology II or
  • PY 405 - Research Practicum in Psychology I and PY 406 - Research Practicum in Psychology II or
  • PY 418 - Research Seminar in Psychology I and PY 419 - Research Seminar in Psychology II or
  • PY 435 - Field Experience in Psychology I and PY 436 - Field Experience in Psychology II

*Full-time faculty will serve as mentors for the professional research presentations required to earn departmental honors. Students are encouraged to consult with the Undergraduate Program Director if they require guidance on identifying an appropriate full-time faculty member to serve as their presentation mentor.