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LoPrestoLoyola is home to many distinguished faculty members who continually enrich themselves through research projects and extensive study and then share that knowledge and discovery with students in the classroom, encouraging dialog and instilling in students an innate desire to learn.

Loyola professors seek to provide their students with applicable experiences that will better prepare them for their careers and life. Many faculty members offer students the opportunity to assist them in their research and thereby gain real-life, hands-on experience, while some faculty members oversee academic clubs that allow students to dive deeper into their area of study. 

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Here are some testimonials from psychology undergraduate students:

"The professors that I have encountered throughout my career as a psychology major have been some of the best teachers I have ever had. They make some of the hardest or least interesting subjects more interesting and easier to understand."

"I feel that the knowledge I have gained is so useful in everyday life and I find myself applying things I've learned to situations I face outside the classroom."

"I think that the psychology staff members are extraordinary. I have never met professors who were so encouraging, enthusiastic about their studies, and genuine in their concern for their students."

"Psychology is a part of academic life that allows me to bring in aspects of my life into classroom discussions and not feel as through it is inappropriate. All of my professors have been very helpful and available. I find the psychology professors to be the friendliest and kindest."

"The professors are very knowledgeable and bring valuable real-life experience to the classroom."