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Graduate Fees

To make an online payment, log in to Self-Service>Student Finance>Make a Payment.

Rates for 2024-2025 take effect with the summer semester.

View the University's withdrawal refund policy.

Students with an active financial hold may not register, add/drop, receive official grade reports/diplomas, and participate in graduation ceremonies.

2024-2025 Academic Year

Loyola College of Arts & Sciences

 Program  Tuition  Fees
Data Science $955 per credit  
Emerging Media $1,090 per credit  
Biological Forensics $810 per credit  
Forensic Pattern Analysis $810 per credit  
Clinical Professional Counseling

Admitted Fall 2022- $1,015 per credit

Admitted Fall 2023- $1,041 per credit

Admitted Fall 2024- $1,072 per credit

$220 Tevera (one time fee first semester only)
Psy.D $36,310 (1st year) Start Date AY 24-25
$34,920 (2nd year) Start Date AY 23-24
$33,900 (3rd year) Start Date AY 22-23
$32,600 (4th year) Start Date AY 21-22
$139 LiveText fee (one time first semester only)
$79 Time2Track fee (every fall semester for first four years)
Psychology Certificate/Non-Degree $880 per credit  
Speech-Language Pathology  $34,990 (1st year) Start Date AY 24-25
$34,070 (2nd year) Start Date AY 23-24

50% billed in each fall & spring semester.
No billable charges for summer semester.
$200 Technology Fee (one time fee first semester only)

Theology $925 per credit  
Sellinger School of Business
 Program  Tuition  
Accounting MS $1,195 per credit  
MBA/MSF $1,115 per credit  
MBA Emerging Leaders $63,750  

School of Education

 Program  Tuition  

(M.A./M.A.T./M.Ed. /C.A.S./TELL)

$690 per credit  

School Counseling (M.A./M.Ed./C.A.S.)

$730 per credit  
Montessori Education  

$450 per credit - AMI Concurrent
$690 per credit - Evergreen Online

Post-Master's Certificate (PMC) in Administration and Supervision  $690 per credit   

Miscellaneous Fees

Application Fee $60.00  
 ID Cards (replacement) $15.00  
 International Student Orientation Fee $150.00  
 Readmission Fee $50.00  
 Returned Check and E-Check Fee $35.00  
 Health Insurance    
 -Full year - 8/15/24 - 8/14/25 TBD  
 -Fall only - 8/15/24 - 12/31/25 TBD  
 -Spring only - 1/1/25 - 8/14/25 TBD  
 Tuition Refund Plan
 Must be purchased directly from A.W.G. Dewar
 Various; depends on
 program/number of credits