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Procurement FAQs

What is Procurement? 

Procurement is the act of obtaining or buying goods and services. The process is most frequently handled on a competitive basis and includes preparation and processing of a purchasing need as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. It often involves planning, standards determination, specifications development, supplier research and selection, value analysis, financing, price negotiation, contract administration, inventory control and disposals. 

What is eProcurement? 

Eprocurement is electronic procurement and it is the process whereby items are selected from an online electronic catalog and added to a cart. The buyer then adds the appropriate budget account, delivery address and delivery instructions (if applicable), and clicks “Submit.”  If the budget check and financial approvals are handled successfully within system workflow, a purchase order is generated and sent electronically to the supplier.  Invoicing is often automated as well.  HoundMart is Loyola’s eProcurement solution. 

What is HoundMart?   

HoundMart is Loyola’s one-stop online shopping application for Loyola supplies; it contains many of our preferred vendors (WB Mason, Amazon, Grainger, etc.), features contract and pre-negotiated pricing (often with free shipping) and is not unlike shopping online. Unlike purchases made via P-Card, there is no account / statement reconciliation since funds for HoundMart purchases are immediately deducted from the related GL #. To learn more about HoundMart or to request an account, contact Nancy Wright at  

How would I access HoundMart /get a HoundMart account? 

To learn more about HoundMart or to request an account, contact Nancy Wright at

Does Loyola have an Amazon Prime account? 

Yes, it is a corporate prime account and available to all Loyola buyers through HoundMart. Once your user account has been established in HoundMart, you will be emailed an invitation to set up an account under Loyola’s corporate prime account, which offers free two day shipping on prime items. There is no membership fee to departments for Loyola’s corporate prime, Amazon for Business account. 

What about PCards? 

To learn more about purchasing cards at Loyola or to request an account, please contact Accounts Payable at  

What do I need to do if I have to have a contract signed or renewed? 

Contracts, renewals, change orders and modifications should be submitted to the portal available for internal review.  Please allow 2+ weeks for contract review.  Before submitting the proposed contract, please ensure that Loyola’s name appears as Loyola University Maryland, Inc., the legal name.  If the document requiring review is a change order, modification, or extension, please ensure that the original contract is also uploaded to the site for reference, if needed. 

Does Loyola have signature software? 

Yes, Loyola uses Adobe Sign.  To request an account, please contact Nancy Wright at  

How are laptop and technology purchases handled? 

All technology purchases over $100 must go through the Office of Technology Services (OTS).  OTS has a standard configuration Apple, laptop and PC desktop that is provided to users, and will also provide a docking station.  Any other accessories, including monitors, must be funded out of departmental funds.  In cases where the standard configuration does not meet the needs of the end user, OTS will work with them to identify a computer that meets both their needs and Loyola’s security and support requirements.  All purchases must be made through OTS.  OTS will fund up to $1,200 for such a computer, and the department is required to fund any additional costs.  

Employees are not permitted to make technology purchases on their Loyola procurement cards, on personal cards with the expectation of reimbursement, or through HoundMart, without consulting with OTS first.   Devices purchased outside of this policy will not be supported by OTS and may not get access to certain Loyola resources.  

For additional information or to request hardware employees can submit a service request online at, email, or call the Technology Services Help Center at extension 5555 (410.617.5555 from off campus). 

How are software purchases handled? 

Software or cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) purchases must be done in consultation with the Office of Technology Services (OTS).  To initiate a request, please complete the Software Procurement Request Form.

Where should I buy office supplies, kitchen items and cleaning supplies? 

All office supplies, cleaning supplies, cups, plasticware, coffee supplies, tissues, wipes and hand sanitizer should be ordered exclusively from WB Mason where Loyola has a partnership.  Delivery is free and there is no minimum order.  Loyola will receive a generous sales rebate, but only if a minimum annual sales dollar volume is met.  The easiest way to shop at WB Mason is through HoundMart. 

What about if our department needs copy paper? 

Loyola purchases copy paper in bulk (for staff convenience and since we get higher quality and better pricing that way). So, if a department needs copy paper, please email Jay Ayd ( and the paper will be delivered. Please also check with Jay prior to placing any orders for specialty paper and/or card stock since the Mail Room might already have it in stock. There is no charge for standard copy paper for departments on managed print. Delivery is limited to a maximum of 5 cases per delivery. There is a nominal charge for specialty paper and cardstock.   

How would I order a water cooler for my department? 

In the interest of efficiency and sustainability, there is a campus wide effort to move away from water coolers and towards water filling stations.

Map of Campus Water Filling Stations

If you would like to request one for your department, please complete a Facilities Maintenance request form. The water coolers are most quickly installed when they are placed in former water fountain locations, where there is water supply and a drain.   

How could I get a copy of Loyola’s Sales Tax Exemption Certificate? 

Loyola’s Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is available to download online.

What are the dates of Loyola’s fiscal year? 

Loyola’s fiscal year begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st.  Please keep that in mind when purchasing, since items must be purchased, delivered, received, invoiced and paid within the same fiscal year (all orders during the fiscal year must be delivered, invoiced and paid by May 31st as the last day of the fiscal year). 

What are Loyola’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions?

Download Loyola University Maryland's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.