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Summary of Procedures

All university purchases above $10,000 must be competitively bid. This applies to services, commodities, and furnish-deliver-install orders. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • contracts purchases (for example, purchases made under an established contract (for example, the E&I or USM-MEEC contracts) or under a contract we have with an existing vendor (for example, WB Mason, Pepsi, or Toshiba) whereby the pricing has been prenegotiated.
  • sole or single source purchases (in which case the sole source justification form must be completed for the purchase to be authorized and funded).

This requirement applies to all high dollar purchases including furniture, vehicles, equipment and software. Purchases of goods or services made without regard to these requirements are in direct violation of established procedure and will not be funded regardless of urgency.

For software purchases over $10,000, there is a procurement form required to ensure that Loyola’s Cybersecurity, Accessibility, Project Management and Enterprise Applications teams are informed and aware of the initiative, to confirm that minimum requirements are met and that resources are available for implementation (if applicable).

IT Hardware must be purchased by Loyola’s Tech Services & Procurement Departments. This ensures that minimum and standard technical and security requirements (memory, processor, imaging etc.) are upheld and that the items are inventoried, tagged, and imaged as appropriate per standard operating procedure, upon delivery. For more information, see (link to Summary of Tech Purchasing Procedures).

While comparing pricing, features and options offered from multiple suppliers is highly recommended to ensure best value, purchases less than $10,000 do not require competitive solicitation. For any questions about Loyola’s procurement procedures or for assistance with an upcoming or complicated purchase, please contact Nancy Wright, Director, Procurement Services, at or 410-617-1354.