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Earning Types

Code Description
BF Base Faculty Pay
BNF Base Non Faculty Pay
CC Child Care Voucher Payment
CWS College Work Study
DH Direct Hire
FH Floating Holiday
FL Funeral Leave
FM FMLA - Paid Maternity
GA Graduate Assistant
H Holiday
HD Holiday - Delayed
JD Jury Duty
LF FMLA - Unpaid, Lost time
LT Unpaid, Lost time
M Flex Credits
ME Moving Expense Reimbursement (exempt)
ML Military Leave
MT Moving Expense Reimbursement (taxable)
OS Straight time, over Schedule
OT Over time
P Personal
PF FMLA - Personal
RL Mission and Retreat Leave
S Sick
SF FMLA  - Sick
SL Community Service Leave
STP Stipend
UC  Unscheduled Close
V Vacation
VF FMLA  - Vacation
WL Workers Comp - Unpaid, Lost Time
WLF Workers Comp, FMLA - Unpaid, Lost Time
WP Workers Comp - Personal Leave
WPF Workers Comp, FMLA - Personal Leave
WS Workers Comp - Sick Leave
WSF Workers Comp, FMLA - Sick Leave
WV Workers Comp - Vacation Leave
WVF Workers Comp, FMLA - Vacation Leave