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Parking Policies

Fines & Appeals

Any traffic violations issued to personnel or students states that you have (10) days to appeal any fine. The appeal will go before the applicable appeal board. The appeals for students are reviewed by the Student Government Finance Committee. The appeals for employees are reviewed by a Board comprised of 2 staff members, 2 administrators and 2 faculty members. Once your request goes to the appeal board, it will be reviewed and a judgment will be made. You will receive a denial or granted status. The decision of the board will be final.

Parking Rules & Regulations

A complete copy of the University's parking rules and regulations is given to everyone who registers their car. Additional copies can be obtained at the parking desk at Student Administrative Services. In the fall of 1997 the University began to enforce towing regulations for violators. Anyone receiving 3 violations will be towed to Pollard's Garage (3 Ensor Ave. Baltimore, MD 21204, 410-823-1808) at the owner's expense. For additional information on any parking matter, contact Student Administrative Services at 410-617-5047 or