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Department Mission

The psychology department is committed to educating undergraduate and graduate students in the science of behavior and mental processes. We endorse the educational mission of Loyola University Maryland to challenge students to "learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world." Students studying psychology and clinical professional counseling are exposed to fundamental concepts that provide them with a solid foundation in their discipline. The development of critical thinking skills, an understanding of research methodology, and an appreciation of diversity are core to the mission of our programs. Students weigh evidence, think critically, act ethically, and recognize and understand the complexity of individual and societal diversity.

Our ambition is to create an environment that prepares our undergraduate students to take their place in the world and become more effective leaders and citizens for what they have learned with us, our graduate students to conduct empirically-supported psychological assessment and clinical practice and pursue careers that use those skills to the benefit of others, and our faculty to grow their expertise in both innovative teaching and cutting-edge research and scholarship. Alumni of our programs are well-prepared for transformative careers in direct service, leadership, research or education.