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Interdisciplinary (ID) Majors - Class of 2024 and beyond

Eight 3 and 4-credit psychology courses and one 1-credit course are required to fulfill the psychology portion of the interdisciplinary major, specifically:

  • PY 101 - Introductory Psychology
  • PY 200 - Professional Development in Psychology (1 credit)
  • PY 291 - Research Methods I (with Lab)
  • PY 292 - Research Methods II (with Lab)
  • Four other 200 or 300-Level PY courses chosen with the guidance of the academic advisor
  • One Mastery (PY 400-Level) Course

Psychology/Sociology Majors

Psychology/sociology majors may take SC 342/SC 383 to fulfill the PY 291/PY 292 requirement. In this instance, students should select two additional PY courses to fulfill the seven 3-credit (and one 1-credit) course requirement for the interdisciplinary major. Students interested in pursuing a graduate program in psychology are advised to take PY 291/PY 292. Those interested in pursuing a graduate program in sociology are advised to take SC 342/SC 383.


Interdisciplinary majors must take a statistics course - ST 110 (for B.A. students only) or ST 210 or ST 265 - as a math core requirement; students who fulfill their pre-requisite for PY 291 by taking EC 220 should know that EC 220 does not fulfill the math core.

Interdisciplinary majors must take Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (BL 105) or Organismal Biology (BL 121) as one of their core natural science requirements (except biology/psychology majors who take a specific set of biology courses, as detailed under Biology).

The remainder of the major courses are selected according to the requirements of that discipline, and certain interdisciplinary combinations stipulate courses that must be taken.

The popular combination of biology/psychology is often chosen by those students who would like to eventually pursue medical school, graduate school in health psychology, or a career in research (see requirements under Biology).