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Michiko Iwasaki, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Headshot of Michiko Iwasaki


  • A.A. (Home Economics) - Soai College, Osaka, Japan
  • B.A. (Psychology) - Maryville University
  • M.A. (Clinical Psychology) - Southern Illinois University
  • Graduate Certificate (Gerontology) - Southern Illinois University
  • Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) - Ball State University
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship - University of Washington School of Medicine

Courses Taught

  • PY 243/343 - Adult Development
  • PY 244 - Lifespan Development
  • PY 245/445 - Aging and Society
  • PY 620 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • PY 621 - Principles and Practices of Psychotherapy
  • PY 664 - Advanced Developmental Psychology: Lifespan


  • Thai, C. J., Lyons, H. Z., Lee, M. R., & Iwasaki, M. (2017). Microaggressions and self-esteem in emerging Asian American adults: The moderating role of racial socialization. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 8(2), 83-93. [doi]
  • Iwasaki, M., Thai, C. J., & Lyons, H. Z. (2016). Perceptions of societal microaggressions in Japanese American women married to White American men. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 5(3), 180-196. [doi]
  • Iwasaki, M., Pierson, M. E., Madison, D., & McCurry, S. M. (2015). Long-term care planning and preferences among Japanese American baby boomers: Comparison with non-Japanese Americans. Journal of Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 16(9), 1074-1084. [doi]
  • Zucchero, R. A., Iwasaki, M., Lewis, M. M., Lee, J., & Robbins, M. (2014). Social justice training within geropsychology: Nontraditional pedagogies to cultivate a competent workforce. The Counseling Psychologist, 42(7), 946-971. [doi]
  • Iwasaki, M., & Brown, A. (2014). Qualitative application of the acculturation model by Schwartz et al.: A sample of Japanese American women. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 5(4), 325-344. [doi]


Areas of Specialization

Research interests include minority mental health, geropsychology, inter-racial couples, family caregiving, long-term care, positive psychology, community participatory research, and social justice.