Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

AP IB and College Courses

Advanced Placement Exams

Loyola awards credit for appropriate performance on the Advanced Placement (AP) tests administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). In order to qualify for credit based on AP tests, students must have the scores sent directly to Loyola from ETS. Each academic department at Loyola determines the qualifying scores and the amount of credit awarded for its discipline. Please reference the AP score chart as a guide to determine which courses you may receive credit for. A maximum of one year of credit may be earned through examination. 

After you attend summer orientation, you will be notified in writing whether or not credit has been awarded by the Academic Advising and Support Center. If AP credit impacts your fall schedule, please contact the AASC (410-617-5050)  to speak with an administrator and make any necessary schedule changes. It is recommended that you bring your AP credit letter to your core advisor for review when you come to campus in the fall. 

International Baccalaureate Credit

Loyola Awards credit for high-level IB courses in which a grade of six or seven is earned. Upon receipt of official notification of these scores, the AASC will work with the appropriate academic department to determine which, if any, credit should be awarded. A maximum of one year of credit may be earned through examination. 

Courses Taken at Colleges Prior to Matriculation at Loyola

College-level work done prior to high school graduation may be awarded transfer credits upon receipt of the following: 

  1. An official letter from the high school principal or guidance counselor stating that the courses were taught on the college campus by a member of the regular college faculty, open to enrollment by and graded in competition with regularly matriculated undergraduates at the college, and a regular part of the normal curriculum published in the college catalogue. 
  2. An official seal-bearing transcript from the college.
  3. A catalogue description and syllabus for each course.

Each supporting document is to be sent to the AASC.