Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

Transfer Students

Welcome, transfer students! The Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) will work with you to acquaint you with Loyola's core and major curricula and support you in having a positive and successful academic experience at Loyola. Students who are interested in transferring to Loyola should first visit www.loyola.edu/transfer for the application process. To view Loyola's transfer course policies, please visit the transfer requirements webpage. To see the required course listing/degree checklist for each major, visit the academic worksheets webpage.

Information for Deposited Transfer Students

Transfer Transitions: Loyola 101 for New Transfer Students (1 cr. seminar)

Developed by current transfer students for new transfer students, this one-credit seminar is designed to help transfer students make a smooth transition to Loyola and get the most out of their Loyola experience. Informal class discussions, group activities, off-campus events, and presentations by instructors and guest speakers help to introduce students to the Jesuit mission; inform them of the resources available on campus and throughout Baltimore to support their academic, co-curricular, and career interests and goals; promote connections with both experienced mentors and transfer peers; and provide opportunities for community-building in a supportive environment. The course typically meets once per week, and each section is facilitated by a faculty member and/or an administrator. Class discussions and activities focus on topics such as academic transitions, goal-setting, career preparation, and leadership. Students receive grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory).

Before Registering for Courses

  • If you did not receive Loyola credit for math or world language, you must take the placement exams. The world language test should be taken in the language studied in high school. If you do not have any world language experience or would like to start with a new language, you do not need to take the language test. Please follow the placement test instructions for first-year students.
  • Update your contact information online. To access the form, you need your Loyola login credentials found in the welcome letter from Loyola’s office of technology services. For questions about log in access, please contact the office of technology services at 410-617-5555.

    Via Inside Loyola, click Undergraduate Demographics, then login again to access the Undergraduate Demographics Update form.

  • Complete the Declaration of Major form. This form must be complete and submitted either by email to aasc@loyola.edu or via fax to 410-617-2161 before registering for courses.
  • Familiarize yourself with the academic worksheet sent to you by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and search Student Planning for open courses you would like to take in the fall.  It is typical for students to take five courses each semester.  Not taking five courses could delay your path to timely graduation.  Pre-requisite and course information can be found by clicking on any of the courses listed on Student Planning.  During your advising appointment, an AASC administrator will help you with choosing your courses, but it is helpful if you are familiar with what is open and offered. To search for classes in Student Planning:
  1. Log into the Inside.Loyola portal.
  2. Select Loyola Self-Service > Student Planning. 
  3. Go to "Plan & Schedule" and then select "Course Catalog" from the Academic menu. Then, click on "Advanced Search."
  4. Under the “Term” dropdown menu, select “Fall 2023.”
  5. Under the “Academic Level” dropdown menu, select “Undergraduate.”
  6. Click “Search.”
  • After you complete the steps above, please contact Ms. Victoria Gue, Director, via email at vlgue@loyola.edu to schedule your advising appointment. 

Prior to the Start of the Fall 2023 Semester

Send a final official transcript for any Spring 2023 courses that you completed by September 15, 2023. Please send the transcript to:

Loyola University Maryland
Attn: Victoria Gue
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

Not submitting a final transcript will delay the transfer of your courses and could prevent registering for future courses.

Paige Rohde

“Transferring to Loyola was the best decision I could have possibly made.”

Before arriving at Loyola, I was nervous that I would have a difficult time making friends because of my late arrival, but my experience could not be more different. Between my peers and professors, the administration and other members of the community, I have always felt genuinely welcome here, like I belong. I also really like the size of the community and small classes. I get individual attention in and out of the classroom. I have never felt so supported or accepted as I do here. Inside every crack and crevasse at Loyola is an opportunity supported by members of the community. There is something for everyone on this campus, and it really brings the community together when we all are a part of something we enjoy. Roughly 80% of students graduate with some sort of professional experience, so there are a ton of opportunities here for students to succeed during and post college. Additionally, Loyola has a stellar business program. With our university core, I am developing an academic foundation in all subjects in the humanities; with our business core, I am developing a strong foundation in all aspects of the business world; and with major-level electives, I am developing a focused foundation in my specific fields of studies.

—Paige Rohde is majoring in business with concentrations in marketing and management; she serves as manager for the Greyhound’s women’s basketball team and as a Greyhound Ambassador for the office of undergraduate admission.