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At Loyola University Maryland our mission is to inspire students to, first and foremost, learn, lead, and serve. Our faculty are expert scholars whose focus is on learning. They awaken intellectual curiosity in students and instill in them the pursuit of academic excellence, helping students become leaders who are best able to serve a diverse and changing world.

Committed to the ideals embodied by the Society of Jesus, the office of academic affairs embraces an emphasis on academic excellence, the importance of the liberal arts, and the education of the whole person. Building on a rich history of offering an undergraduate education with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, today’s Jesuit education continues to adapt to students’ individual needs and the needs of the world today and tomorrow. Honoring the Jesuit principles in graduate education, our professional programs are content- and student-focused, preparing students to be leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion.

Within the academic affairs division are the faculty, administrators, and staff for the School of Education, the Sellinger School of Business and Management, and Loyola College, the University’s school of arts and sciences, as well as the academic support offices for both faculty and undergraduate and graduate students. The office of academic affairs serves the students and faculty of the three schools in their academic and scholarly endeavors.