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Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows

The Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows program is designed to provide our campus with opportunities to learn best-practices in equity and inclusion. Fellows will work on specific projects for the year culminating in one campus-wide training or initiative. Our community is committed to institutional change, and we hope this fellows program provides additional concrete ways of engaging in deep, meaningful equity and inclusion work at Loyola. Please take a look at the list of past and current fellows below and consider them a resource as you think about equity and inclusion in your work.
E&I Faculty Fellows are full-time faculty members who have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to continued growth in their dedication to equity and inclusion. Fellows form a professional learning community of 5-7 participants who further develop and share their expertise with the broader Loyola community by engaging in activities related to the following topics. Ideally, the cohorts will engage in project-based learning culminating in campus-wide training and change.
Working in collaboration with Marianna Carlucci, Equity and Inclusion Fellow for Academic Affairs, E&I Faculty Fellows serve for one year and receive $1000. Fellows elect a Chair. The Chair convenes monthly meetings and facilitates the roundtable discussions. The Chair also prepares a brief annual report that summarizes the Fellows' activity for the year. As compensation for these additional responsibilities, the Chair receives an extra $1000 ($2000 total).

2023-24 Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohort

  • Elissa Derrickson, Biology
  • Carrie Horwitz Lang, Teacher Education
  • Brianne Roos, Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences
  • Stacy Williams, Teacher Education

2022-23 Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohort

  • Birgit Albrecht, Chemistry - Data Collection/Management and the Creation of a Summer Bridge Program in Chemistry
  • Raenita Fenner, Engineering - Fostering Community in STEM
  • Sondra Guttman, English - Towards One Faculty: A Teaching and Clinical Faculty Learning Community
  • Megan Olsen, Computer Science - Equity in Computer Science
  • Lisa Scheifele, Biology - Curricular Evolution
  • Andrew Schoeffield, Biology - Expanding and Examining STiNTS-Pro
  • Joseph Stewart-Sicking, Education Specialties - Revisiting Faculty Evaluations; Curricular Evolution; Graduate Student Support
  • Sarah Vitale, Modern Languages and Literatures - Departmental Workshops

2021-22 Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohort (Implementation)

Implementation Subgroup

  • Masudul Biswas, Communication
  • Timothy Clark, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Elliot King, Communication
  • Jason Prenoveau, Psychology
  • Myra Smith, Education Specialties
  • Rebecca Trump, Marketing

2020-21 Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohorts

Cohort 1: Having Difficult Conversations

  • Nouf Bazaz, School Counseling
  • Margarita Jacome, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Mary Kate Schneider, Political Science/Global Studies
  • Rev. Jill Snodgrass, Theology
  • Nathaniel Windon, English
  • Marie Yeh, Marketing

Cohort 2: Diversity Designated Courses

  • Theresa Alexander, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  • Theresa DiDonato, Psychology
  • Hung-bin Ding, Management and International Business
  • Giuseppina Iacono Lobo, English
  • Jessica Locke, Philosophy

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