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Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Academic Affairs works collaboratively with administrators, staff, and campus organizations to create a welcoming climate for all members of the Loyola community. This contributes to the University's mission to teach students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.

Diversity and inclusion are guiding principles that inform all aspects of Academic Affairs, including hiring practices, curricular development and program administration, faculty development, and budgeting.

Key Efforts

Academic Affairs is committed to supporting efforts for sustained conversation and inquiry into key matters of equity and inclusion, especially racial justice.

  • Infuses faculty development programming with attention to the needs, perspectives, and contributions of members of underrepresented groups.
  • Coordinates several diversity and inclusion initiatives, including two headline events for the entire campus:
    • Campus-wide Diversity Reading Groups each fall, which allows members of the community to join national conversations about equity and inclusion.
  • Follows best hiring practices and serves as a resource to hiring departments to build a broad and diverse candidate pool leading to the best hire.
  • Serves as a liaison to affinity groups, as well as a resource should new groups seek to form. Supports affinity groups on various inclusion efforts, such as Safe Zone training, campus programming, and policy recommendations.
  • Contributes efforts within Academic Affairs or the University to gather climate data that inform academic policies, programs, and priorities.
  • Collaborates with other offices on diversity-related initiatives and serves as a general resource to the campus regarding climate-enhancing efforts.

Collaborates with the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to administer the Diversity Course Requirement.

Faculty Development Opportunities


Resources outside of Loyola

Resources at Loyola

Many of our Teaching Enhancement Workshops explore High-Impact Practices and Inclusive Teaching Practices. Here are a few that you might find particularly useful:

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