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Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows

We are excited to launch our first (2020-21) Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohort. This new faculty fellow program is designed to provide our campus with opportunities to learn best-practices in equity and inclusion. Fellows will work on specific projects for the year culminating in one campus-wide training or initiative. 

Our CEIO Cheryl Moore-Thomas and President Linnane have provided us with resources to engage in anti-racist work. Our community is committed to institutional change, and we hope this fellows program provides additional concrete ways of engaging in deep, meaningful equity and inclusion work at Loyola. 
E&I Faculty Fellows are full-time faculty members who have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to continued growth in their dedication to equity and inclusion. Fellows form a professional learning community of 5-7 participants who further develop and share their expertise with the broader Loyola community by engaging in activities related to the following topics. Ideally, the cohorts will engage in project-based learning culminating in campus-wide training and change.

  • Having Difficult Conversations

  • Rationale: Both student and faculty feedback make clear that classroom discussion provides prime opportunities for equity work. Yet, some faculty feel unprepared and uncomfortable facilitating conversations on equity and inclusion. Faculty fellows will:
    • Research and gather best-practices to be shared with faculty
    • Develop campus-wide training for faculty
    • Serve as consultants for individual faculty, departments, or divisions
    • Research and gather best-practices for peer-to-peer training and empowerment
    • Develop peer-to-peer networks for anti-oppression work on campus
  • Diversity Designated Courses 

  • Rationale: Much of the student feedback regarding Loyola’s failure in equity and inclusion is anchored in the diversity designation and requirement. A cohort of fellows will work to metabolize student and faculty feedback/proposals to make changes to diversity designated courses and requirement by:
    • Submitting a revised framework through proper governance channels and working with the UCC Diversity Subcommittee
    • Considering wide integration of equity and inclusion across curriculum

Working in collaboration with Marianna Carlucci, Equity and Inclusion Fellow for Academic Affairs, E&I Faculty Fellows serve for one year and receive $1000. Fellows elect a Chair. The Chair convenes monthly meetings and facilitates the roundtable discussions. The Chair also prepares a brief annual report that summarizes the Fellows' activity for the year. As compensation for these additional responsibilities, the Chair receives an extra $1000 ($2000 total).

Apply to be an Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellow

The application period for the 2020-21 cohort has passed.