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Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows

We are excited to launch our first (2020-21) Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Cohort. This new faculty fellow program is designed to provide our campus with opportunities to learn best-practices in equity and inclusion. Fellows will work on specific projects for the year culminating in one campus-wide training or initiative. 

Our CEIO Cheryl Moore-Thomas and President Linnane have provided us with resources to engage in anti-racist work. Our community is committed to institutional change, and we hope this fellows program provides additional concrete ways of engaging in deep, meaningful equity and inclusion work at Loyola. 
E&I Faculty Fellows are full-time faculty members who have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to continued growth in their dedication to equity and inclusion. Fellows form a professional learning community of 5-7 participants who further develop and share their expertise with the broader Loyola community by engaging in activities related to the following topics. Ideally, the cohorts will engage in project-based learning culminating in campus-wide training and change.

  • Having Difficult Conversations

  • Rationale: Both student and faculty feedback make clear that classroom discussion provides prime opportunities for equity work. Yet, some faculty feel unprepared and uncomfortable facilitating conversations on equity and inclusion. Faculty fellows will:
    • Research and gather best-practices to be shared with faculty
    • Develop campus-wide training for faculty
    • Serve as consultants for individual faculty, departments, or divisions
    • Research and gather best-practices for peer-to-peer training and empowerment
    • Develop peer-to-peer networks for anti-oppression work on campus
  • Diversity Designated Courses 

  • Rationale: Much of the student feedback regarding Loyola’s failure in equity and inclusion is anchored in the diversity designation and requirement. A cohort of fellows will work to metabolize student and faculty feedback/proposals to make changes to diversity designated courses and requirement by:
    • Submitting a revised framework through proper governance channels and working with the UCC Diversity Subcommittee
    • Considering wide integration of equity and inclusion across curriculum

Working in collaboration with Marianna Carlucci, Equity and Inclusion Fellow for Academic Affairs, E&I Faculty Fellows serve for one year and receive $1000. Fellows elect a Chair. The Chair convenes monthly meetings and facilitates the roundtable discussions. The Chair also prepares a brief annual report that summarizes the Fellows' activity for the year. As compensation for these additional responsibilities, the Chair receives an extra $1000 ($2000 total).

2020-21 Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellow Cohorts

Cohort 1: Having Difficult Conversations

  • Nouf Bazaz, School Counseling
    • 1 Year at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Providing counseling at LGBTQ+ clinics and centers around DC and Maryland
      • Established and directed a social service program for Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African refugees and immigrants providing clinical mental health counseling, case management, and positive youth development programming
      • Managed implementation and growth of a positive youth development program, Courageous Conversations, addressing racism and discrimination, awarded the 2017 Intergenerational Innovation Award by Generations United
  • Margarita Jacome, Modern Languages and Literatures
    • 12 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Taught courses that have a diversity designation, a service-learning component linked to the Latino community in Baltimore, or learning outcomes related to justice and diversity.
      • Experience with discrimination that contributed to personal growth as an advocate for equity within the modern languages and literatures department and a commitment to fostering an environment of inclusion both inside and outside the classroom
      • Teaches deconstruction of stereotypes, oppression, minorities, cultural difference, social and political violence, etc. and facilitating conversations of equity and inclusion in the classroom
  • Mary Kate Schneider, Political Science/Global Studies
    • 5 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Commitment to fostering equity and inclusion in the classroom and throughout Loyola
  • Rev. Jill Snodgrass, Theology
    • 9 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Trained to facilitate and navigate courageous conversations
      • Started a faith and social justice track wherein issues of equity and inclusion were at the core of the curriculum
  • Nathaniel Windon, English
    • 4 years at Loyola 
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Created inclusive syllabi for my classes and equitable spaces in which to discuss the course content
      • Worked with the National Fellowship Office at Loyola to led outreach events to make students aware of opportunities
  • Marie Yeh, Marketing
    • 7 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Extensive training and experience as a health educator conducting public health interventions to encourage healthier behavior
      • Worked with Student Affairs to conducted diversity programming and training on college campuses as well as trainings about sexual assault, sexual harassment and other gender violence issues
      • Worked at a youth center acting as a liaison between the largely African American families the center served and the homeowners's association within which the center resided which consisted of a largely older, white population

Cohort 2: Diversity Designated Courses

  • Theresa Alexander, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
    • 5 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Co-facilitated Racial Equity Foundational Workshops
      • Participated and co-facilitated in the development of anti-racism training at Loyola Clinical Centers
      • Participated in leaderless anti-racism student-faculty discussion groups
  • Theresa DiDonato, Psychology
    • 12 years at Loyola
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Taught diversity-vetted courses
      • Completed a 4-week intensive course on diversity and inclusion in the workplace through an online professional development program offered through Cornell University
  • Hung-bin Ding, Management and International Business
    • 18 years at Loyola  
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Member of the Maryland Governor’s Commission on Asian and Pacific American Affairs (APAA) since 2015
      • Worked to educate and advocate for Asian and Pacific communities through public-private collaborations in cultural, health, and business activities
  • Giuseppina Iacono Lobo, English
    • 9 years at Loyola  
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Taught a service-learning course on literature and the experience of incarceration at Jessup Correctional Institution with 40 inmates and 10 Loyola students
      • Awarded the Faculty Award for Excellence in Transformative Teaching for English course, “Minds in Revolt: Milton and the Literature of Black Liberation.”
      • Taught “D” designated disability studies course since fall 2016
  • Jessica Locke, Philosophy
    • 5 years at Loyola  
    • Equity and Inclusion Experience and Projects:
      • Nonviolence educator at the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for nonviolence
      • Designed 18-hour contemplative anti-racism training for white people that utilized Buddhist teachings and meditation techniques
      • Taught meditation to incarcerated people at the Harford County Detention Center

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