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Deans' Symposium Past Recipients


  • Afra Ahmed Hersi, Ph.D., Teacher Education, "Race, Immigration, and Education: Lessons Learned from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students"
  • Anthony Villa, D.M.A., Fine Arts, "Singing Without Words"


  • Diana J. Schaub, Ph.D., Political Science, "The Gettysburg Address: Statesmanship in Speech"
  • Frank D'Souza, Ph.D., Finance, "Behavioral Finance and Equity Market Timing"


  • Elizabeth Dahl, Ph.D., Chemistry, "Biogeochemistry - an Ecological Way of Proceeding"
  • Mark Osteen, Ph.D., English, "Nightmare Alley: Film Noir and the American Dream"


  • Peter R. Litchka, Ed.D., Education Specialties, "Dilemmas and Decision-Making: School Superintendents and Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the Contemporary Educational Environment"
  • Paul P. Tallon, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management, "Governance of Big Data: Perspectives on Value, Risk, and Cost"


  • Rachel L. Grover, Ph.D., Psychology, "Girl Friend, Boy Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend: Negotiating Difficult Other-Sex Situations in the Teen Years"
  • Graham James McAleer, D.Phil., Philosophy, "The Morals and Politics of the Lord of the Rings"


  • Christopher H. Morrell, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics, "Prostate Cancer: Using a Statistical Model to Predict Disease"
  • Stephen J. K. Walters, Ph.D., Economics, "The Treatment of Capital and the Destiny of Cities"
  • Peter L. Rennert-Ariev, Ph.D., Education Specialties, "The Hidden Curriculum of Teacher Education Reform"


  • John D. Burger, Ph.D., Economics, "Local Currency Bond Markets and Global Financial Stability"
  • Leslie Zarker Morgan, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures, "A Key Signature: The Gonzaga Huon d'Auvergne and Franco-Italian Cultural Relations 1341 - 1441"


  • Yoon S. Shin, Ph.D., Finance, "Role and Influence of Credit Rating Agencies in Global Financial Markets"
  • Dawn J. Lawrie, Ph.D., Computer Science, "Improving Software for Programmer Comprehension and Automated Analysis"
  • Marie Celeste, Ed.D., Teacher Education, "The Impact of Visual Impairment/Blindness Upon the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children"



  • Gloria Phillips-Wren, Ph.D., Information Systems and Operations Management, "Assisting Human Decision Making with Intelligent Systems"
    • Elizabeth S. Schmidt, Ph.D., History, "Cold War in Guinea: Mass Mobilization and the End of Empire in French West Africa, 1946 - 1958"


    • Michael Burton, Ph.D., Sociology, "Elite Foundations of Liberal Democracy"
    • Norman H. Sedgley III, Ph.D., Economics, "Alternative Theoretical Frameworks for Understanding Economic Growth"


    • L. Mickey Fenzel, Ph.D., Education and Psychology, "Nativity Schools: transforming the Lives of Urban Children"
    • Gerard A. Athaide, Ph.D., Marketing, "Managing Seller-Buyer Relationships during the Commercialization of Technology-Based Innovations"


    • R. Keith Schoppa, Ph.D., History, "Fighting Bubonic Plague in Two Chinese Cities, 1940 - 1941"
    • Joanne Li, Ph.D., CFA, Finance, "Corporate Governance: The Past and the Future"


    • Libby B. Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology,  "Changing Perception, Changing Reality: The Impact of Improved Communication Skills on the Lives of Individuals with Down Syndrome"
    • Anthony J. Mento, Ph.D., Management, "A Journey of Discovery: Reflection, Visual Thinking and Creativity"


    • Robert S. Miola, Ph.D., Classics and English, "Voices from the Past: Catholicities and Canonicities"
    • Marianne H. Ward, Ph.D., Economics, "Measuring British Decline: Direct versus Long Span Income Measures"


    • Arthur L. Delcher, Ph.D., Computer Science, "Computational Genomics: Assembling and Analyzing Large-Scale DNA Sequences"
    • Richard R. Klink, Ph.D., Strategic and Organizational Studies, "On the Extendibility of Brand Names"


    • Roger J. Kashlak, Ph.D., Strategic and Organizational Studies, "Using Anthropology, Sociology and Biology to Better Understand Cross-Border Business Cooperations"
    • Matthew W. Kirkhard, Ph.D., Psychology, "I Said Don't Do That: An Examination of Various Factors that Affect Instruction Following"


    • Francis G. Hilton, S.J., Ph.D., Economics, "Economics and the Quest for Environment Quality"
    • Mary L. Lowe, Ph.D., Physics, "Developing a Bead-based Method for Bioremediation Applications"


    • Ralph L. Piedmont, Ph.D., Pastoral Counseling, "Pastoral Counseling: Seeking Scientific Answers to Spiritual Questions"
    • David B. Rivers, Ph.D., Biology, "Regulation of Fly Development by the Parasitic Wasp Nasonia Vitripennis"


    • Elliot W. King, Ph.D., Communication, "Teaching Space, Public Space and Cyberspace: New Media in Liberal Arts Education"
    • Phoebe C. Sharkey, Ph.D., Economics, "Measuring Patient Outcomes: Two Decades of Evaluating Health Care Delivery in a Cost Containment Environment"