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Whom to Call for Help with Undergraduate Matters



Campus Extension

Absences (student) Jan Vohrer
Carla Taliaferro
ext. 5547
ext. 2849
Academic Policies and Class Schedules Academic Advising and Support Center ext. 5050
Academic Integrity Violations Mark Lee ext. 2353
 Academic Support Services/Tutoring Justine Khadduri ext. 2623
Advising Questions Academic Advising and Support Center ext. 5050
 Academic Student Concerns Mike Puma (Class of 2024 & 2025)
Mary Beth Mudric (Class of 2026 & 2027)
 ext. 5547
ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) Services Raven Williams ext. 5424
Alcohol Issues Student Support and Wellness ext. 2613
Billing/Evergreen Cards Student Administrative Services (SAS) ext. 5806
Career Planning Career Center ext. 2232
Community Service Center for Community, Service, and Justice ext. 2380
Disability Support Services Marcia Wiedenfeld ext. 2062
Disruptive Student Behavior

Student Development

ext. 5153
Emotional/Personal Problems Jason Parcover ext. 2273
Financial Aid/Work Study Issues Financial Aid ext. 2061
Graduation Issues Mike Puma ext. 5547
Health Problems Julie Sanz ext. 5055
Honors Program Questions Gayla McGlamery
Joe Walsh
ext. 2321
ext. 2896
Hospital/Death in the Family Campus Ministry ext. 2768
International Student Matters Sunanda Bhatia ext. 2910
Learning Disabilities Marcia Wiedenfeld ext. 2062
Leave of Absence Questions Mike Puma

ext. 5547
Messina Mike Puma ext. 2190
National Fellowships Terre Ryan ext. 2807
Parent Matters Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies ext. 5547
Pre-Law Questions Matt Beverlin ext. 2224
Pre-Health Questions Maiju Lehmijoki Wetzel ext. 2218
Resident Life/Housing Issues Evan Huckfeldt ext. 2488
Safety Issues/Escort Service Campus Police ext. 5010
ext. 5566
Student Engagement Sara Scalzo Manson ext. 5570
Spiritual/Religious Questions Campus Ministry ext. 2768
Student Athlete Academic Questions Colleen Campbell ext. 5391
Student Conduct/Judicial Board Marian Aden

ext. 5153
Students in Distress  Counseling Center ext. 5109
Study Abroad Office of International Programs ext. 2930
Support for Suvivors of Sexual Assault Melissa Lees ext. 6769 
Technology Issues Office of Technology Services ext. 5555
Time Management Training Coaching & Study Skills Justine Khadduri ext. 2623
Title IX Matters David Tiscione ext. 2763
 Transfer Questions Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies ext. 5547
Transfer Student Orientation Luke Haus ext. 2365
Tutoring (content) Blake Lubinski ext. 5206
Writing Center Lucas Southworth ext. 5053