Loyola University Maryland

Office of Financial Aid

Graduate Program Tuition Charges

2018-19 Academic Year

Loyola College of Arts & Sciences

Program Rate
 Data Science $1,000 per credit
 Emerging Media $995 per credit
 Liberal Studies $550 per credit
 Pastoral Counseling MA/MS/CAS $620 per credit
 Pastoral Counseling Ph.D $800 per credit
 Psychology $880 per credit
 Psychology-Clinical Professional Counseling CPC $24,000 (1st year) 

$31,500 (1st year)
$31,060 (2nd year)
$31,060 (3rd year)
$30,450 (4th year)

Speech Pathology $29,500 (1st year) Start Date AY 2018-19
$28,975 (2nd year) Start Date AY 2017-18
Theological Studies $840 per credit
 Fees Some Psychology and Pastoral Counseling
courses have fees in addition to the tuition rate.  Please view the Graduate Course Catalog to see which courses have fees.
 Lab (Psychology) $75
 Internship (Psychology) $300
 Thesis Guidance (Psychology) $300
 Advanced Supervisory (Pastoral   Counseling) $250
 Clinical Training (Pastoral Counseling) $1128
 Doctoral Dissertation (Pastoral Counseling) $1400

School of Education

Program Rate
 Education $580 per credit
 School Counseling $610 per credit
 Montessori WMI Columbia Academic Year Format $21,750
Montessori WMI Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) Academic Year Format $16,000
 Montessori Post-AMI-Diploma M.Ed. Evergreen $365 per credit
 Montessori AMI Affiliates $365 per credit
 Montessori Prerequisite Course $2,330

Some education courses have fees in addition to the tuition rate. Please view the Graduate Course Catalog to find out which courses have fees.

 Lab Fee $60
 Field Experience/Internship $100-$200

Sellinger School of Business

Program Rate
Masters in Accounting
$1,045 per credit
MBA/MSF $970 per credit
MBA Emerging Leaders $59,450

General Fees

Application $60
Registration $25
Late Registration $25
Returned check $25
Graduation $150
Re-Matriculation $25
I.D. Cards $15
Certificates (includes graduation fee) $75