Loyola University Maryland

Office of Human Resources

Staff and Administrator Policy Manual

The policies and practices presented in this manual apply to all staff and administrators of Loyola University Maryland, unless stated otherwise, and reflect University policy revisions as of February 24, 2017.

Staff and Administrator Policy Manual

*Updated* Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures (sections 8.6 through 8.8 of Staff and Administrator Policy Manual)

Notice of Rights and Options for Sexual Misconduct Incidents

Chosen Name/ Legal Name/ Address Changes Policy (section 1.37 of the Staff and Administrator Policy Manual)

Remote Work Policy (section 3.14 of the Staff and Administrator Policy Manual)

Volunteer Policy (section 3.15 of the Staff and Administrator Policy Manual

Safety of Children in University Programs and Reporting Abuse

Workplace Violence Policy (section 8.9 of Staff and Administrator Policy Manual)

Lactation Accommodation

Mission/Community Service Leave

Smoke Free Campus

2020-2021 Drug and Alcohol Policies, Health Information, Services, Benefits

Drug and Alcohol Biennial Review

Identity Theft Policy

Record Retention Policy

Motor Fleet Safety Policy

The University reserves the right to make changes to the policies, procedures, and other statements made in this manual. Additionally, changes in federal and state law and the University’s needs may require portions of the manual be revised, and those changes will be made as soon as possible. The electronic manual supersedes any previous manual, and the contents may be changed by the University unilaterally at any time. Significant changes will be announced to the community.

The manual does not guarantee employment for any employee for any period of time. Loyola University Maryland is an “at-will” employer, which means that employees have the right to resign their positions at any time and the University may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any lawful reason. In rare circumstances, written, fully executed employment contracts may be the exception to this at-will status. In those rare circumstances, a written contract spelling out the terms and conditions of employment will be signed by and issued to both parties.